Waves. Seismic activity. Soul.

Scientists have long known that Earth produces an eerie low-frequency hum that’s inaudible to humans but detectable with seismic instruments. But as for what’s causing this “microseismic” activity, scientists have never been sure.

Until now.

A new study published online Feb. 10, 2015 in the journal Geophysical Research Letters indicates that the hum is largely due to ocean waves that cause our planet to vibrate subtly – or “ring”, as the researchers put it. [1]

Weird how we tend to look at everything material with so much detail and yet we fail to recognize the importance of non-material entities into our lives. We recognize how waves can result into a global “activity” and yet fail to recognize even the possibility of feelings or emotions resulting in any kind of “activity” that is felt beyond the tight limitations of our inner circle of acquaintances. We accept the effects of the gravity of a star billions of miles away from us and yet we fail to accept that good or evil thoughts could in any way affect us if they are not spoken or acted upon within five meters of where we stand.

We have created a material world around us.

And our immaterial soul suffers…

Listen to the waves breaking on the shore.

It is not their “activity” which makes you cry with longing emotions…

Naked humans. Frightening earthquakes…


Foreigner arrested as Malaysians blame nude mountain pictures for earthquake? (1)

Authorities in Malaysia have arrested a foreign national for allegedly posing naked for pictures on the country’s highest peak, Mount Kinabalu, an act some Malaysians have said angered the spirits of the mountain and caused an earthquake.

News reports said those involved in the incident had been barred from leaving Sabah, to allow police to investigate. Some reports said two Canadians in the group were stopped from leaving the country.

Finally, they were freed. (2)

In a world of spirits we live in.

In a world where we breathe alive and yet we believe we are dead.

I do not say that posing naked on a mountain causes earthquakes.

But believing that everything is just dead matter causes something much more deadly: the extinction of our very existence and making the cosmos void of true conscious meaning. In a world filled with… us, we only see things.

Silence is frightening.

Not the rumble of an earthquake.

We humans always find the most stupid things to be afraid of…

Listen to stupid people you Science!

For centuries people have observed strange phenomena before large earthquakes, such as light emanating from ridges and mountaintops. These reports were once dismissed by many scientists, in part because they are often entangled in unscientific theories. For example, some who reported the lights thought they were produced by UFOs.

But the lights are not (necessarily) hallucinations nor created by E.T. “Earthquake lights are a real phenomenon–they’re not UFOs,” researcher Robert Thériault, a geologist at Quebec’s Ministry of Natural Resources, told Nature. “They can be scientifically explained.”

In study published in the January/February issue of the journal Seismological Research Letters, Thériault and colleagues pulled together reliable sightings of these lights since 1600, and found some strange similarities. A total of 63 out of the 65 sightings occurred along nearly vertical faults. The researchers suggest that along these faults, the stress of rocks grinding against each other produces electrical charges, which can travel upward and interact with the atmosphere to create light. (1)

Science is often found to discard claims from “stupid citizens” on the basis that these claims are made by “non experts”. Censoring things based on what you ALREADY know is simply UNscientific. Listening to what you do not understand and accept is the way to go forward. Science should get down from its throne and start listening to simple people telling stupid things.

There are treasures hidden in the garbage…

GOCE, sound, universe, Green Day…

GOCE satellite

The sound of the recent Japan earthquake (which resulted in Fukushima disaster) was heard by the GOCE spacecraft, in the form of infrasounds. (1, 2)

The chilling sound of the Ural meteor which hit us some days ago, was also recorded as infrasounds by CTBTO. (3)

Close your eyes and shut your mouth. Pay close attention and you may listen to the sound of the Universe around you…

If not, just put a cassette of Green Day in the tape…

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