Philosophical Diet. [It works.Only if you read your Aristotle]

Photo by Spiros Kakos from Pexels

DISCLAIMER: This is not medical advice. It is philosophical!

People today try to lose weight.

To do that, various diet schemes are employed to no avail.

Because as in everything, if what you do is not based on solid philosophical foundations it is doomed to fail. This applies to higher aspects of intellectual work (e.g. law formulation) but also to the most practical issues. If you do not know why you are truly doing something, there is no way you will be doing it for a long time…

So why should you go on a diet?

First of all, because you are fat! (empiricism)

Secondly, because you should avoid earthly pleasures at all cost. Your life is not your own. There is more to being than just sitting down and eating a good meal. (Christianity, idealism, almost any anti-meterialistic philosophical school of thought)

Thirdly, even if you were just a set of lifeless matter as materialism states, you should try to maximize your lifespan until you reach your full potential (teleology, Aristotle). And your full potential can be anything (you define it anyway) except being ultra-fat and full of spaghetti. If that was the case, then we would have been designed to constantly eat, something which is obviously not the case (theory of evolution).

Last but not least, try to show empathy. This is serious now. There are children today which starve to death. Literally. Having discussions about whether we should have a second plate of ravioli or not is simply not acceptable in such a world. Over-consumption could be more connected to deaths in Africa than you can ever start to imagine. Remember, the greatest philosophy is the one which is connected to real life, away from useless theories and abstractions. And we should never forget our philosophy.

In an ideal scenario, the money not used in creating those useless second meals you (and me) eat, would be used for the greater good and eventually save the life of a really hungry person. (i.e. not a person who feels that he has to eat something more between the main course and the desert)

The answers you seek are not in food, as they are not in any other closed set of axioms (Gödel).

You can find some answers though in the following simple set of axioms:

  1. Eat only one plate per eating session. (monism)
  2. Don’t fill in that plate completely. (incompleteness theorem)
  3. From time to time, don’t eat anything. (irrationalism)
  4. From time to time, ignore the first three rules. (relativism) After all, over-zealousness in abiding to rules can be a factor which leads to obesity.

Now off you go.

But hey!

Leave that second plate down…

And maybe, just maybe, this plate will make the world a better place…

Be fat. Stay healthy!


Most of us aren’t fond of our flab but perhaps it’s time to see it in a new light. Fat cells may be among our first line of defence against pathogens.

“Fat has an additional role we didn’t suspect”, says Jay Kolls of the University of Pittsburgh.

Beyond physical barriers such as skin, our main protection against marauding bacteria and viruses is the immune system. This is a complex network of cells with sophisticated weapons such as antibodies, which recognise and destroy foreign cells and proteins. But although many microbes multiply rapidly, it can take days for antibody production to ramp up. It now seems fat cells also play a defensive role – and they respond more speedily than many parts of the immune system. (1)

Think different.
Think illogically.

What is true today, was false yesterday.
What is false today, was true the day before.

Matters not.

We are all here.
We will all be here.
We have always been.

Eating what we want.
Starving our selves to death.
Different and yet the same.
All fat and all slim.

Leave that moussaka on the plate.
But does it matter at all?
Oh… well, why not?


Appetite, hunger, Tao.


Researchers have made the surprising discovery that the hunger-inducing neurons that activate these AgRP neurons are located in the paraventricular nucleus — a brain region long thought to cause satiety, or feelings of fullness. This unexpected finding not only provides a critical addition to the overall wiring diagram, but adds an important extension to our understanding of what drives appetite. (1)

We try to find ways to feel full…

And yet Tao advises us just the opposite:

Seek emptiness, if you wish to be full…

Master Chef as a means to destroy your eating…


Master Chef is the new fashion in TV. Great chefs show us how to cook good quality food. But in reality they do exactly the opposite. Thanks to Valia I realized that Master Chef is just another marketing tool which helps the “system” (whatever that is) to promote the “fast food” notion into our houses! In the old days people used to spend hours cooking their food.

Now Master Chef tells us that we must cook within 30 mins, with only the last 10 mins devoted to cooking the meat or in general the main ingredient of the plate. Jamie Oliver cooks in just 15 mins!

It seems that Prometheus died for nothing after all…

And let us not forget the utter disregard to the gift of our fellow God. Prometheus almost died to give us the fire and we are now holding contests on how… raw we will leave the meat because “this is how it should be cooked”.

Sure. If I didn’t know how to cook meat perfectly without destroying it, I would too be selling to everyone the opinion that what I do is “how it should be done” [Valia]…

And now our children will have the dream to cook. What our mothers did WHILE doing 10 other things AT THE SAME TIME, will be the highest aspiration and goal that many people will have for the coming years…

Fast Food on TV disguised as “quality food”!

Hypocrisy is usually hidden in the most obvious places…

Bad Chinese eating dogs! Good Westerners, eating… everything else!


“Bad”, “uncivilized” Chinese… Eating dogs…

An article [Source: web news] showing how appalled we should all be for the Chinese who pack together many dogs for slaughter. Why? Well. They just eat them! How horrific can that be?!? All those poor animals stacked together in the journey to their death…



A spinning sawblade about to slit the throat of one cow in an American industrial slaughterhouse. The cow swinging from the mechanical rack was in the same position 30 seconds before. No humans involved (we don’t want to see the blood, we are not “primitive”). Pure high-class industry…

Cattle just before slaughter in a high-class killing spa of the West… See the happiness in the animal’s eyes…

Who are WE to judge the Chinese for eating dogs and for packing them together to  slaughter them for dietary purposes? We also pack together all sort of animals, feed them anything non-healthy in order to grow them quickly (time is money), kill them in a industrialized inhumane way and then go on and… order a second dish! (let’s not forget: we eat too much in the West. It is the job of the Chinese to work for us so that we can have all those goodies we want)