Relativity Theory and Light – The fake “limit”…

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What is the Relativity Theory? What does it really say?

The major misconceptions are related to the speed of light as a universal speed limit. A limit which… limits us in almost everything – from interspace journeys to information transmission and time travels (yes, Godel proved they are possible).

But how is that limit derived? And can it be overcome?

Speaking in favor of FTL (Faster than Light) speeds can easily ban you from scientific communities.


That “limit” was initially derived from a series of experiments. But not everyone agrees that the results of these experiments were null. (see here) And there are other experiments casting a doubt on that experiment… (see experiments of Dayton Miller here)

That “limit” is set to be true due to the fact that c is calculated from Maxwell’s equations. But why not believe the “Many Minds Relativity” according to which each observer assumes that light propagates according to Maxwell’s equations in a coordinate system, or a vacuum, fixed to the observer? Different observers moving with respect to each other, thus use different coordinate systems or different vacui, but they all use the same Maxwell’s equations. [source] No problem with such an explanation. And surely no “limit” there…

That “limit” is not universal. It is actually broken in more than one occasions. And it is simply “not relevant” to many other cases of faster than light information transfer. See the below sources:

That “limit” is experimentally verified like a self-fulfilling prophecy.

We use Relativity Theory equations (which were built ON THE BASIS of light speed being the ultimate barrier) to calculate the speed of e.g. space particles and we find it to always be less than c. But this happens because these equations do not allow anything to get a speed beyond c simply because THEY ARE CONTRUCTED SO THAT THIS HAPPENS! [source]

Like Alternative Physics suggests…

Replace: “The speed of light is a constant for all observers” with: The speed of light is a constant relative to its source.

Replace: “No object can exceed the speed of light” with: No object can exceed the speed of light relative to its launch point.

What is the speed of a thought? Think quickly. And as Bruce Lee said… “Have no limit as limit”.

Gravity waves, Universe, Poetry…

According to Einstein, we should expect to find this radiation everywhere in space. Gravity affects the shape of space and time. Paths of light and massive bodies curve under its influence. When something churns space-time with enough energy – say a supernova explosion or two black holes in orbit around each other – the distortion spreads out in ripples, like a rock dropped in a pond. Those ripples are called gravitational waves. [1]

Waves rippling through the universe. Affecting everything, binding us all together. Poets knew about that a long time before Einstein thought about it…

Einstein’s brain, a genius mind and the illusion of Materialism…

Unknown photos of Einstein’s brain are revealed and the public (along with scientists) is once more interested in the brain of one of the greatest geniuses we have seen. [source href=”; 1=”target="_blank">web” 2=”news</a>,” 3=”<a” 4=”target="_blank">Huffington” 5=”Post</a>” language=”:<a”][/source] However the most fundamental questions remain unanswered: was the brain the reason why Einstein was a genius, or was it the other way around? Could it be that the brain of Einstein changed so much because of his mind being so great?

The power of Experts! Listen, don’t think!

Louis de Broglie received his first degree in History. Afterwards he turned his attention toward mathematics and physics and received a degree in physics. His 1924 Recherches sur la théorie des quanta (Research on the Theory of the Quanta), introduced his theory of electron waves. This included the wave-particle duality theory of matter, based on the work of Max Planck and Albert Einstein on light. The thesis examiners, unsure of the material, passed his thesis to Einstein for evaluation who endorsed his wave-particle duality proposal wholeheartedly; de Broglie was awarded his doctorate!

What is the underlying truth of this story? Simple: people trust the experts! They trust them so much so as to grant a doctorate to someone even without understanding it! They trust them so much so as to believe in a theory even though they do not understand it! Einstein himself was puzzled by how people believed he was a genious due to the Theory of Relativity, even though almost noone understood it!!!

So stay silent!

Do not think!

You cannot understand!

Just listen in awe!


This is the way things work.

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