Pollution… Prejudice… Can of beer…

Places where someone might think there is no pollution at all, seem to be polluted as some of the worst (known) polluted areas in the world. “Extraordinary” levels of pollution have been found 10 km deep in the Mariana Trench. (1)

The world is One.

And no matter how much we like to think otherwise…

A can of beer is always there to remind us the truth.

Doing nothing. (Not intelligently…)

Artificially intelligent computer software that can learn, adapt and rebuild itself in real-time could help combat climate change.

Researchers at Lancaster University’s Data Science Institute have developed a software system that can for the first time rapidly self-assemble into the most efficient form without needing humans to tell it what to do.

The system — called REx — is being developed with vast energy-hungry data centres in mind. By being able to rapidly adjust to optimally deal with a huge multitude of tasks, servers controlled by REx would need to do less processing, therefore consuming less energy. (1)

We build computers which consume a lot, in order to self-learn how to… consume little. We are so clever in building things, that we end up really stupid in… building things. Balance comes through non-action. And we have learned so intensely about doing things that we constantly forget that you do most things when you do nothing at all…

Sometimes the best solution is to do nothing in the first place. Because the more you do, the more effort you will need at the end in order to do nothing…

Look at that computer.

Pull off the plug.

There you go.

Difficult? Yes. More demanding? Yes. Need to do more in order to pull that plug off? Yes. There you go then! 🙂 Do it!

Quantum computers. Environment. Memories. Stability. (through change)

Before the dream of quantum computing is realized, a number of inherent problems must first be solved. One of these is the ability to maintain a stable memory system that overcomes the intrinsic instability of the basic unit of information in quantum computing – the quantum bit or “qubit”. To address this problem, Physicists working at the University of California Berkeley (UC Berkeley) claim to have created breakthrough circuitry that continuously self-checks for inaccuracies to consistently maintain the error-free status of the quantum memory.

Vulnerability to environmentally-induced error – such as cosmic ray events or simply an unknown collapse of quantum coherence, for example – means that the information contained in a qubit is easily lost. And because of the nature of of quantum entanglement required to encode the qubit in the first place, any attempt to replicate the information will also immediately destabilize it. (1)

The environment changes constantly. And yet we believe that memory is based on a stable environment we are certain it exists. We try to be Gods in the cosmos. By altering the nature of the cosmos. We are afraid of change and yet change is what keeps everything unaltered. Everything possible. Everything different. Where else can that be possible, if not in an ever stable cosmos? Try to make things stop changing and you will put the universe in motion.

Stop and look around.

The world is spinning.

Try to stop it.

And everything will fall apart…

Intestines in mice: The environment as Existence’s matrix for Dasein…

Slimy chunks of human gut can now grow up and get to work inside of mice.

Transplanted into rodents, tiny balls of tissue balloon into thumb-sized nuggets that look and act like real human intestines, researchers report October 19 in Nature Medicine.

The work is the first time scientists have been able to transform adult cells into working bits of intestines in living animals. These bits could help scientists tailor treatments for patients with bowel diseases, such as Crohn’s disease or cancer, says study coauthor Michael Helmrath, a pediatric surgeon at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. (1)

I have a crazy idea.

That the environment shapes everything.
And given that we shape the environment, it seems that we shape everything.
Or that everything shapes everything, including us.

Dasein (being here and now < υπ-άρχω) and Being (existing < εξ-ίσταμαι – floating above the sea level, aren’t we all waves which all believe that they are “different” even though the ocean below unites us?) as the same thing. Entangled in such a way that it makes no difference any more. One or another. In an eternal loop…

I have a crazy idea.

That we just are our environment.
That our environment is us…

Environment, ecology, food, poverty, complex, simple…

A leaked climate report shows that food shortages and poverty rise. (1)

Typical stupid research focusing on the symptoms and not on the cause. But what is the cause of these phenomena?

Some postulate a rather “simple” theory: How can the same Earth cater and provide for all of us while we keep on increasing in numbers? Could the equation be so simple? Should we just wait for nature to find its balance? Or should we seek another planet? Or maybe just… don’t throw away so much food as we every day do?

The most gruesome situations are simple in nature… Something our complex western rational cannot comprehend…

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