What colour?

Photo by Spiros Kakos from Pexels

What colour were fossil animals? Scientists have evaluated fossil color reconstruction methods and proposed a new study framework that improves and expands current practice. (1)

What a weird era.

Our knowledge gets accumulated in amazing rates.

And yet, we are still here.

Only knowing about us.

Yes, we know about the dinosaurs. But we will never know them the way we would if we lived with them. The only thing we can truly know is that we experience. And the only thing we experience is our self. Funny cosmos. We insist on looking outside. And yet, we can only know the inside. Overwhelmed by thousands and thousands of trivial important things. Whereas we ignore the most important trivial ones.


Science has discovered another species.

And we don’t even know what color it is…

It sounds inconsequential.

And, thus, the most significant thing we could ever know…

Flowers. Being. For ever.

A flower.
Creating seeds.
Future and past locked together.
Paused in time. (1)

We can see them as if we were there.
But wouldn’t we always see them if we were there?

Time is just another dimension…
The flowers are here now.
The flowers existed back then.
Always. Along with us.

I will always be here in 2014 writing this…
No matter how many millions of years pass.
(Harmonia Philosophica)

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