Psychology, ADHD, genes, dogmatism.



Psychologists have made a brain-related discovery that could revolutionize doctors’ perception and treatment of attention-deficit disorders (ADHD). This discovery opens up the possibility that environmental and/or genetic factors may hinder or suppress a specific brain activity that the researchers have identified as helping us prevent distraction. (1)

Free will sacrificed for the sake of gene-based determinism.

We are becoming slaves to our fate.

But maybe it is not our fault.
Maybe it is in our genes to be stupid.

Psychology without the “Psycho”.
Psychology without the “Logos”.

How convenient.
The path of stupidity is always the easiest one…
And, by the way, has a lots of money.

I call it Intelligence Deficit Disorder.
And I hereby order all psychiatrists into specific treatment for it.

Repeat after me:
“Humans are not their genes”
“Humans are not their genes”
“Humans are not their genes”
“Humans are not their gen…

Babies. Health screening. Stupidity.


WILL my baby be healthy? It’s a question that concerns every prospective parent. Now a service that creates digital embryos by virtually mixing two people’s DNA will give a clearer glimpse of their possible child’s health, and perhaps much more – before it has been conceived.

The Matchright technology will be available in two US fertility clinics later this month, allowing people to screen out sperm donors who, when their genes are combined with those of the intended mother, could increase the risk of a child inheriting genetic diseases. The company that markets the technology, GenePeeks, hopes to expand worldwide. (1)

We want to screen everything.
We want to control everything.

As if we know everything.
As if we understand everything.

But we do not know what life is.
We do not know (subsequently) what death is.
We do not know (subsequently) what health is!

Hell, we do not even know how to stop the flu!

What would you say to your kid if it wanted to take control of your car? Or even better, of an airplane? Or maybe of ISS?
Must Nature come alive and SLAP us hard in the face in order for us to get a grip?


Appetite, hunger, Tao.


Researchers have made the surprising discovery that the hunger-inducing neurons that activate these AgRP neurons are located in the paraventricular nucleus — a brain region long thought to cause satiety, or feelings of fullness. This unexpected finding not only provides a critical addition to the overall wiring diagram, but adds an important extension to our understanding of what drives appetite. (1)

We try to find ways to feel full…

And yet Tao advises us just the opposite:

Seek emptiness, if you wish to be full…

Disease, definitions, change…


People who carry a high-risk gene for Alzheimer’s disease show changes in their brains beginning in childhood, decades before the illness appears, new research from the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) suggests. (1)

When does a change start?

When does a disease begin?

Arbitrary definitions, haunting our lives…

Being ill all the time. Because we can never truly define “life”.

Feeling different! Feeling human!


Two interesting news…

First: Where do humans fall in the food chain? You can probably already guess it’s somewhere between cows and polar bears, but a new study now puts a number to it: Somewhere between 2.0 and 2.6, depending on where you live. That’s on a scale of 1 to about 5, in which plants are 1s and carnivorous apex predators like killer whales are 5.5s. In other words, humans are in kind of the same plane as anchovies and pigs. (1, 2)

Secondly: Which organism is the fastest evolving? It seems the slitherers got off to a fast start. The first two full snake genomes to be sequenced – belonging to the Burmese python and the king cobra – show that they have one of the fastest rates of genetic evolution among vertebrates. (3)

If we do not have the largest genome (see here), if we are not at the top of the food chain, if we are not the fastest evolving species, then WHAT are we anyway?

Our efforts to find out who we are via the materialistic “all research and analysis is based on our body” path has met a dead-end. According to that path, we are something between the… strawberies and the anchovies – well behind the snakes.

But do you FEEL unimportant?
Do you FEEL like nothing?
Do you FEEL an animal?
Do you believe you are like a pig or less than a strawberry?

Maybe in order to think more clearly we should stop thinking…