Long time ago… The future came…



In the heart of the cradle of civilization.

Visit it and walk the steps of Socrates and other Greek philosophers. Feel the sun like it was felt 2,500 years ago by Pericles and the great Athenian generals right before they decided to battle Xerxes.

Right there, between the olive trees, Greek the dirt. Touch the Earth. They did the same. And they didn’t feel alone. But proud.

Because you were watching…

Greece – The happiest “not happy” nation…

Here in Greece we are just “unhappily” drinking our frappe while talking with friends or we are “unhappily” eating souvlakia before we go out with friends at night…

Yeah… Sure.

Let’s go to Denmark to… party at some cafeteria until… 8 o’clock and then go to bed.

Objective “research” results.

Economy and money are the only way to measure success.

The culmination of modern “civilization”/ propaganda!

Greece. Misinformation. ERT.

The Greek PM closed the national TV broadcaster.

Media in Greece talk about “thousands” who protest against this “fascist” decision.

Media abroad reproduce what media in Greece say. [1]

Stupidity and misinformation propagates. Aggressively.

A channel with 4% ratings and with almost zero productions of any logical quality (with one “Third” exception which just verifies the rule – making everyone “suddently” love classical music), a channel where all the political parties used to appoint voters, a channel where people get paid €150,000 just for doing nothing, a channel which said NOTHING about the 2,000,000 people who lost their jobs from the private sector all these years, a channel which is paid by the Greek citizens via a do-what-I-tell-you-or-else-I-will-cut-your-power tax is suddently the culmination of “objectivity”, “freedom” and “democracy”.

Stupidity and misinformation propagates. Aggressively. Masses are mindless. And need to be manipulated. They deserve it.

The 90% to the 1% – Logical and fair…

90% of the world’s anti-depression medications is consumed by 1% of the world’s population… Oups. My bad. I wanted to say that the 90% of the world’s wealth is owned by 1% of the world’s population…

Wait a minute… Isn’t that the same? 🙂 😛 😉

With money but depressed… [USA, 2013]
Without money, but really happy… [Greece 1950’s]

Shops on Sunday, humans, soul…

The crisis in Greece has generated a heated debate on how the economy can restart so that growth can finally come to the country. One of the measures agreed was to keep shops open on Sundays. The measure seemed very good to me. After all, Saturday and Sunday are the only days I have left to do chores I have left all week pending, due to high pressure at work during the week.

But then came the Archbishop of the Greek Orthodox Church who said something which made me rethink my views.

He said that “we are more concerned with numbers than we are with our soul”. If we are to work every day in the week, when will we see our loved ones? [1] When will we see our selves? And he was right.

Our only concern is money and statistics.

But it is a warm Sunday with family that stays in your mind until you die…

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