Coronavirus. Human arrogance. Death.

Photo by GEORGE DESIPRIS from Pexels

Just before the coronavirus outbreak in China, we all were reading great articles and scientific announcements about how science will soon beat even death and make us immortal…

Now we know that the giant we believed in had legs of clay. Now we are collectively trying to survive from a virus in the midst of a worldwide panic.

It is not possible to avoid defeats and mistakes.

But it is possible to be arrogant enough not to learn from them.

Oh, you arrogant men.

You want so much to live.

That you fail to see.

That the only way to be immortal.

Is to accept death…

Bacteria at 33,000 feet: The arrogance killer…

We evolved for thousands of years.

We managed to conquer the skies.

Only to find out that they are already filled with bacteria… [1]


They beat us!

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Leprosy bacteria, Human arrogance…

A study reveals that the bacterium that causes leprosy still packs the same punch it did in the Middle Ages. [1]

Bacteria insist on reminding us the fallacy of the theories we use to understand nature: They seem to be THE most adaptable to survive with not even the need to change for thousands or millions of years!

And yet we “axiomatically” consider them to be at the bottom of the evolutionary ladder…

Salmons, GPS, human arrogance

We are proud of our technology, we feel as “kings of the world” having created the complex GPS satellite system which utilizes all of our modern physics to help us pinpoint our exact location on the planet.

Well, salmons have been doing it for thousands of years. Having been in a place only once, they return to it years ago with extreme accuracy and without any… satellites helping them.


Or pure stupidity?

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