Organs from “scratch”! NOT!


In what’s being hailed as a scientific first, researchers in Scotland have created a fully functional organ from scratch inside the body of a living animal. (1)

Well, because scientists keep making the same claims over and over again, I am oblidged to make the same clarifications over and over again…

It is in the form of an anecdote I have written so many times:

God sits on the sky when a scientist appears and says to Him
“God we do not need you anymore. Finally science has managed to
create life from nothing. In other words we can do what you did
in the Beginning”
“Really? Please tell me!” answers God
“Well, we take dirt and we shape it like You did, then we give
life to it like You did and there we have a human”
“Very interesting, show me how…”
Then the scientist takes dirt and starts forming the shape of a
human body
“No, no” answers God “take your own dirt!”

Επανάληψις μήτηρ πάσης μαθήσεως! (Repetition is the mother of all learning)

Having legs because we need to walk, or Walking because we have legs?

The evolution of various organs of the human body is an essential part of the Theory of Evolution and a beloved theme for discussion among biologists.

We have many organs which seem evolved in exactly the way needed so as to allow them to perform their important mission.

We have legs which have evolved so as to support our walking.

It seems logical, but it may be not. Strangely enough, an idea which is lost in the abyss of time may shed new light to that notion.

It was Epicurus who postulated it: The organs ARE NOT evolved so as to support their functions, but the other way around! The functions are evolved BASED ON the organs we have available!

We do not have feet SO AS to walk!

We are walking BECAUSE we have feet.

Simple. And “liberating” in many ways…

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