Control-mania and Scientism…

Most people today crave for “control”. We want to control our lives. We want to control our destiny. We want to control people around us. We want to take control over situations. We want to control the cosmos! And in our quest to control everything, we wrongly think that science is the tool to help us do it.

However we scarcely see that controlling is not the solution! Most of our problems are problems of human communication, problems of lack of patience, problems of lack of trust, problems of lack of believing others. And “controlling things” will not help us with such problems. To the contrary, I would say that our innability to “let go” is part of the abovementioned problems.

And for what its worth, we should not that science is just a way to model reality. It is not a tool for control. Everything we think science offers (like medicine for example, or everyday tools) are more based on anything else BUT the true essense of science as a “predictive models generating process” (see Why Medicine is NOT a pro-Science argument!).

Let science aside and remember that you are human.

Let go. Live.

Judge the tree by its fruits…

You will judge them by their fruits (Gr. Από τους καρπούς τους και μόνο μπορείτε να τους κρίνετε), said once upon a time a wise man…

And how true is this in todays society. Modern people are full with distrust, with hate, with love for all the wrong things, with greed, with impatience, with lack of time for the really important things…

And no one can say that this is a religion era… This is Science times in which we live in!

The Medieval “dark” times produced saints and knights.

Todays era produces people void of any humanity.

You tell me: which one is “better”?

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