Particle physics research, new particles, fifth force…



In a “breakthrough” for the field of particle physics, Professor of Physics Larry Hunter and colleagues at Amherst College and The University of Texas at Austin have established new limits on what scientists call “long-range spin-spin interactions” between atomic particles. Their observation would constitute the discovery of a “fifth force of nature” (in addition to the four known fundamental forces) and would suggest the existence of new particles as well (beyond the ones known in the Standard Model). [1]

I don’t know about you, but I believe progress in science is finding more elegant and simple theories to explain things. A theory which produces “new” particles” or forces is certainly not in that direction…

The greatest scientific discovery of 2013… WIMP!


Yes. We have seen it before.

We give something a name and suddently we are able to “discover” it.

WIMP (as in hypothetical particles serving as one possible solution to the dark matter problem) is the new “Higgs boson”.

As in… here. Or… here.

And we used to laugh at people who believed in aether…

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