Reducing resistance… Non-knowledge…

Photo by Nick Wehrli from Pexels

The realization of so-called topological materials – which exhibit exotic, defect-resistant properties – has opened up a new realm in materials discovery.

Several of the hotly studied topological materials to date are known as topological insulators. Their surfaces are expected to conduct electricity with very little resistance, somewhat akin to superconductors but without the need for incredibly chilly temperatures, while their interiors do not conduct current.

A team of researchers working at the Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) discovered the strongest topological conductor yet, in the form of thin crystal samples that have a spiral-staircase structure. The team’s study of crystals, dubbed topological chiral crystals, is reported in the journal Nature. (1)

We try to find ways to conduct electricity better through the materials we build. But the best way not to block the flow of something is not to build anything in its path in the first place.

We have split the cosmos into pieces.

And we try to find our way from one piece to the other.

But what is the next number of zero?


Can you find the next number of one?

Ask simple questions.

And your inability to answer will guide you through the dark forest of knowledge…

It used to be an illuminated forest.

Full of the light of ignorance.

But you chose to illuminate it. And everything went dark.

One step…

Two steps…

Three steps…


From the moment I started walking…

It feels like I am not walking at all…

I learn. You learn. We learn. (nothing)


“I learn,” “you learn,” “she learns,” “they learn,” yet, according to a surprising new linguistic study, in countries where the dominant language allows personal pronouns such as ‘I’ to be omitted, learning suffers. (1)

A more or less logical conclusion. Learning is about you increasing your knowledge. While being, on the other hand, is about increasing your ignorance to the point that you become one with the cosmos.

Question everything.

Even your ability to question anything.

Do you feel wise? Are you ready to accept that you are not? It is only when you are ready to accept that you are nothing, that you become everything. A cup of tea is not useful when it is full…

Only the wisest of men admitted that they learnt nothing…

Only the most arrogant of men advertised that they know something…

I am. Therefore, I learn.

I am no one.

Therefore, I already know everything…

Not because I know them.

But because I accept that I am already part of nothing…

Avoiding uncertainty. By simply hiding it. Avoiding ignorance. By simply not asking.


Researchers report the discovery of a new technique that could drastically improve the sensitivity of instruments such as magnetic resonance imagers (MRIs) and atomic clocks. The study reports a technique to bypass the Heisenberg uncertainty principle. This technique hides quantum uncertainty in atomic features not seen by the instrument, allowing the scientists to make very high precision measurements. (1)

Learning everything is impossible.

Because every new knowledge always generates new questions.

You must accept your ignorance in order to know.

Answering is not the solution in answering.

Stop asking1 questions is.

There is no ignorance.

You always knew.

All you had to do was to realize it.

1 Not in the sense of being consciously ignorant, but in the sense of consciously accepting the cosmos and realizing the fact that all the “knowledge” you supposedly gain is built on notions arbitrarily defined.

Sleeping. Unlearning. Room to grow…


Sleep research high-resolution images show how the brain resets during sleep: Striking electron microscope pictures from inside the brains of mice suggest what happens in our own brain every day: Our synapses (the junctions between nerve cells) grow strong and large during the stimulation of daytime, then shrink by nearly 20 percent while we sleep, creating room for more growth and learning the next day. (1)


It’s the only way to learn…

Give room to ignorance.

So that knowledge can come in and flourish…

Human-like computer language. Parmenides. Humans.


Stephen Wolfram wants to create a more human-like language for programming computers. (1)

But how can anything we make be non-human? If we think with 1s and 0s this is because for some reason this is encoded into our existence. One and Nothing are the building blocks of the cosmos. From Parmenides to Leibniz, monads rule our world.

Let’s not try to make things more “human-like”.

Let us just understand what we already are. Pieces of the world. Part of a whole. Alone in the dark. The most enigmatic creature of them all. Trying to understand how nature works. Without ever knowing that he is the one who makes it work.

From computers to “reality”, we are the makers of our ignorance. Humans making human things. Without even knowing it…