Counting. Playing music.

Photo by Rafael Serafim from Pexels

Bees can solve seemingly clever counting tasks with very small numbers of nerve cells in their brains, according to researchers. (1)

Scientists have developed a 3D-printed robotic hand which can play simple musical phrases on the piano by just moving its wrist. (2)

Everyone feeling so important when counting. But every animal can do it. Even bees. And what makes us special is that we may choose not to count even though we can. Everyone feeling so amazed when seeing a robot playing the piano. And yet we are not important because we play music, but because we may choose not to and listen to the silence instead.

In the future the world will be full of bees and robots.

Buzzing through chattering humans.

Playing the piano between soundless men.

But within the dreaded noisy night, a child will suddenly stay silent.

And under the scorching midday sun, an old man will stop to listen…

Beyond the robots playing perfectly…

Past the bees counting seamlessly…

Looking at the cosmos.

Crying, for it is so full and perfect.

Laughing, for it is so flawlessly dead…

Going away. Coming back… (Society vs. Love)

A little child cries and tries to stop her dad from leaving for work. Dad leaves because he “must”. How many times the “Must” of the many (society) overshadow the “Must” of the few. But what if that few are the most important ones? What if the needs of the many are illusionary ones? What if one day no one went to work because they wanted to stay with their loved ones? What if one day the few realized that they were the… many?

I am back now my little girl.

Love you.

Thoreau. Naming things. Lost memories. Important things.

A vast pyramid of talus and scree in the Sierra Nevada range, it sits between the aptly named Wonder Lakes Basin and Mount Emerson, a namesake of the great 19th-century author Ralph Waldo Emerson. It might seem only fitting that it should bear the name of Emerson’s close friend and fellow transcendentalist Henry David Thoreau.

But the mountain cannot be named for Thoreau or anyone else. Since 1964, the government has decreed that except in extraordinary circumstances, unnamed features in federal wilderness areas will remain that way.

Now a group of 11 writers, printmakers, poets, wilderness enthusiasts, Thoreau devotees and fellow travelers is trying to correct what they say is a historic oversight. On Sept. 26, they made the trek to the summit of the unnamed mountain for a minor act of civil disobedience: a ceremony to name it for Thoreau. (1)

We like naming things.
We believe we can be immortals only if our name survives our death.

But our actions live eternally.
Our life always Is where we Are.

Seek grandeur in anonymity.
Seek eternity in the ephemeral of the moment.
Because this moment will always be there with you in it.

Let the rocks be.
Thoreau will Be as well.
His silence powerful.
As a flower.
As a rock.
As nothing.
And everything at the same time…

Invisibility from touching. Senses prejudice. The most important things…

In the past years, invisibility cloaks were developed for various senses. Objects can be hidden from light, heat or sound. However, hiding of an object from being touched still remained to be accomplished. Scientists have now succeeded in creating a volume in which an object can be hidden from touching similar to a pea under the mattress of a princess.

In the invisibility cloak produced, a hard cylinder is inserted into the bottom layer. Any objects to be hidden can be put into its cavity. If a light foam or many layers of cotton would be placed above the hard cylinder, the cylinder would be more difficult to touch, but could still be felt as a form. The metamaterial structure directs the forces of the touching finger such that the cylinder is hidden completely.

“It is like in Hans-Christian Andersen’s fairy tale about the princess and the pea. The princess feels the pea in spite of the mattresses. When using our new material, however, one mattress would be sufficient for the princess to sleep well,” Bückmann explains. (1)

On senses we have built our world.

We believe our eyes. We believe our ears. We believe our hands.

We have started to question our eyes. We have started to question our ears. We now start questioning our touch.

But all senses are basically the same: Through a medium our body touches something. Through the eyes, the ears, the nose, the fingers. Every time we sense something, we “touch” something. Search your feelings. You know it is true. What you touch is not there. The most important things are untouchable. The most important things are invisible. The most important things are said in silence…

Touch me. Am I real?

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