More clever: Meaning nothing (at all).


A 12-year-old girl who had an inkling she might be quite clever has taken a test and proved she was absolutely right.

Lydia Sebastian achieved the top score of 162 on Mensa’s Cattell III B paper, suggesting she has a higher IQ than well-known geniuses Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking.

But the comparison doesn’t sit well with the British student, who’s currently in Year 8 at Colchester County high school, a selective girl’s grammar school in Essex, England.

“I don’t think I can be compared to such great intellectuals such as Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking. They’ve achieved so much. I don’t think it’s right,” Lydia told CNN. (1)

The little girl IS clever.

Not because she has high IQ. IQ shows nothing more than the ability to succeed in the specific test of MENSA. But because she understands that you need more than analytical thought in order to be a genius.

What a genius does is to look at things outside of the box. Not to just analyze and think, but to FEEL beyond what is visible. And you can only feel the cosmos by not analyzing it.

Don’t try to win MENSA test.

Don’t try to fail MENSA test.

Just ignore it.


Is human intelligence rising with every generation? (1) wonders an article…

Voters Prefer Candidates Who Look Healthy Rather Than Intelligent, is the title of another article. (2)

What do you think?

Is it logical to believe that evolution prefers the survival of the more intelligent?
Do you see people with high IQ reproduce in similar rates to people of IQ?
Intelligent people usually see more things than less intelligent people do.
And these things usually make them more reluctant to make children.
On the other hand less intelligent people just… fuck!
It may sound crude and rude, but this is just how it is.

Let the world evolve.
Let the world be stupid.

Then call back an intelligent designer.
To bring things back to order…

Wise vs. Clever.

She learned to read, then for a challenge she taught herself Spanish – at the tender age of 2. Her parents took her to the doctor, where IQ tests put her in the top 2% of test-takers, with an IQ of 160 – the same as Albert Einstein’s. Her doctors told a reporter that her IQ was “off the scale.” (1)

In the era of measuring, we can find “genius” everywhere.
Soon small children will solve puzzles faster than light.
And measuring their performance will lead to the “discovery” of a whole new generation of “clever” people.

But it is “wise” people we need. Not “clever” people.
Solve any puzzle you want within any time-frame you wish.

Love is what we need. Caring.
Not more Sudoku super solvers.

Are you wise enough to see the difference you stupid modern man?

Smart, stupid, IQ, categories…

At 10 a.m. Monday morning of March 3 (2014), while most of Washington, D.C., lay quietly under a blanket of snow, the U.S. Supreme Court rang with nerve-wracking arguments over the fate of Florida death row inmate Freddie Lee Hall.

The question at hand was whether Hall, who in 1978 helped assault and murder a 21-year-old woman, is intelligent enough to merit the death sentence. The court’s decision could set new national standards for assessing the mental capacities of death row inmates. In 2002, the Supreme Court ruled that executing people who are intellectually disabled qualifies as cruel and unusual punishment, which is unconstitutional, but it left individual states to establish their own means of assessing a defendant’s level of impairment.

Since the 2002 ruling, Florida has opted for a strict definition of intellectual disability as having a score of 70 or below on tests that measure a person’s IQ. The state says that Hall’s average score puts him above a “bright line” of 70, and therefore makes him eligible to be executed. But Hall’s lawyers and mental health organizations, including the American Psychological Association and American Psychiatric Association, argue that Hall’s assessment does not include the standard 5-point margin of error built into the design of the test. If that uncertainty is considered, Hall would not be eligible for the death penalty, they argue. (1)

IQ 69. IQ 71. Smart. Stupid. Capable. Not capable…

Small differences can make the difference between death or life.

Categories are based on arbitrary limits.
And we decide those limits.

If we let go, if we stop thinking for one moment, every category of ideas will be lost in an instant.
Our whole structure of philosophy and thoughts will collapse.

Most people would be afraid of something like that.
Great philosophers would simply pray for their house collapsing in a bang…

How about you?
Do you feel comfortable in your house?

Stupid computers… Never understanding “why”…

Efforts to create an IQ-test for AI systems have been going on for many years. (1)
Now artificial and natural knowledge researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago have IQ-tested one of the best available artificial intelligence systems to see how intelligent it really is. Turns out it’s about as smart as the average 4-year-old.

With some important things to note however.

They found ConceptNet 4 has the average IQ of a young child. But unlike most children, the machine’s scores were very uneven across different portions of the test.

“If a child had scores that varied this much, it might be a symptom that something was wrong,” said Robert Sloan, professor and head of computer science at UIC, and lead author on the study.

Sloan said ConceptNet 4 did very well on a test of vocabulary and on a test of its ability to recognize similarities. “But ConceptNet 4 did dramatically worse than average on comprehension ­ the ‘why’ questions”, he said. (2)

(even the IBM computer which won at Jeopardy did have trouble with the “why” or “common sense” questions – winning a questions game is not the same as being an information analyst, see here)

A computer will never understand why he does what he does.

He will never even wonder why!

However many people will treat him like a God.

Many people do not want to wonder why.

Many people think like computers.

Computers will soon get smarter than these people.

But they will never get smarter than the rest of us who stare at the stars…

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