You would crucify Him.

Nowadays, all Christians are so … Christians that they don’t even think about the obvious.

That if we lived in a time when Christ appeared, we would crucify Him too.

Think. A dirty beggar without a second cloth to wear, coming to you to tell you to forget all your beliefs and abandon anything holy you hold in respect to follow him.

If you wouldn’t crusify Him with your vote, you would definitely crucify Him with your tolerance. And you would laugh as he ascended Golgotha. That is, if you happened to pass by and you hadn’t gone for coffee. And you would definitely change the channel at night if the news happened to mention the event, because at the same time Masterchef would start or you would have to write a very Christian post on Facebook.

Accept your fall.

It is the first step to rise.

Science. Miracles.

Walking on water: Researchers unravel science of skipping spheres. [1]

Atheists deny Christ walking on water on the grounds on it being scientifically impossible. But science is not there to tell what is possible and what is not. Science just describes the miracles of the cosmos. Watch the skipping stones “walking” on water. Marvel them. No need to explain them. Just watch. A stone walking on water. An insect walking on water. A man walking on water…

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