The souls of the righteous…



All men’s souls are immortal, but the souls of the righteous are immortal and divine.
~ Socrates

Socrates said it.

Jesus said it also.

And no. They were not talking “metaphorically”.

Believe the illogical. Close your eyes. And you will see in the dark.

[written on 7/2014]

Zooplankton. Light. Dark. Sun. Moon. Nothing.


The daily rising and setting of the sun propels what is thought to be the world’s largest migration: Tiny zooplankton move from the near-surface waters — where they spend the night feeding — down into deeper, darker waters during the day to avoid predators that rely on sight for finding a meal. It was thought that in the perpetually dark waters of the Arctic winter that such a migration wouldn’t happen. After all, there’s no sunlight for weeks or months.

Now a new study that combines 50 years of observations from locations across the Arctic shows that zooplankton are still migrating in the depths of winter. But with the sun gone, they have tied their timing to the next biggest source of light — the moon. In spring and fall, when the sun sets and rises daily in the Arctic, zooplankton follow their normal pattern of vertical migration, moving down deep in the day and rising toward the surface at night. But after the sun sets for winter, the zooplankton adjust their schedule, swimming up and down the water column not every 24 hours but every 24.8 hours, following the rising and setting of the moon. And every 29.5 days, when there is a full moon, the mass of zooplankton fall to a depth of about 50 meters, where they can keep out of the brightest moonlight. The movement may help hide the zooplankton from predators that need light to find their prey, the researchers say. [1]

From the Moon to the Sun and back.

Once we worshiped the Moon, then we followed the Sun. Once we were creatures with emotions. Now we are creatures with logic. Once we worshiped Dionysus and Panas. Then we worshiped Apollo.

Then Jesus came to Earth. And set things straight. There is no Sun. There is no Moon. Have faith and you will see. There is only Light. Deep within.

Let go of the Moon. Let go of the Sun. Follow your Heart.

Elvis vs. Jesus. An unexpected result. The burger.


Scientists tried to measure who is more “popular” by using a pagerank algorithm for pages in the Internet related to various famous persons. (1) Jesus was 1st. Elvist was 69th. Descartes was 82nd.

For me, this is a highly disturbing result.

The more popular an idea, the less value it has. The ideas of Jesus were very UNpopular at his time, exactly because they were exceptional, wise and great in every aspect! But today we have a very distorted idea of what Jesus actually said. Not half of the people who like Jesus today would accept his ideas, if they knew how strict he was with certain things. (read the New Testament, do NOT take my word for it!)

The meat grinder processes everything hard and makes it easy to digest.
All great ideas are hard to accept.
All great ideas are unpopular.

Eating burgers is easy.
Eating burgers is popular.

Jesus, Muhammad, jokes, death, love…

If it is was never allowd to depict Muhammad, “Does anyone know how Muhammad looks like”? asks spanish magazine El Jueves… (1)

Charlie Hebdo magazine strikes again. This time, by publishing a 64-page comic book biography of the life of the prophet Muhammad. (2, 3) Humor is a great tool if used properly. And a dangerous one if used lightly. Even though the intentions are good, they can too easily derail and head towards the cliff of pointless repetition. On the other hand, Islam should become more tolerant. (and I wouldn’t be lying if I said that Harmonia Philosophica has posted the GREATEST JOKES of them all here)

Charlie Hebdo offices destroyed after a bomb exploded. Love is in the air…

A religion which does not accept non-believers is not a religion but a doctrine.

“Love thy enemy” (Αγάπα τον εχθρό σου) said one great, wise and very strict prophet of Islam. Jesus. Are Islamists ready to defy Him?

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