When Justice turns into… Revenge.


A 98-year old man suspected of conducting war crimes as a Nazi is under trial. [1] But wait a minute. Why am I posting this NOW if this was on the news on 18/6/2013 ?!? How stupid can I be? So much time has passed! This is not worth publising. So much time has passed! This is not wort… Oups! Really?!?

Many juridical systems accept time lapse as a block to murder cases. Others do not.

What is the limit beyond which Justice becomes… revenge?

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Reverse censorship – The worst kind!

Most people are very active on fighting censorship. We do not like others to tell us what to say. And this is correct! Censorship is a medieval way of handling things. But most of the times we are so keen on banning censorship that we go to the other extreme: imposing our views even on people who do not agree with them. Imposing “non-censorship” can be a censorship on its own, if the person upon which the “non-censorship” is imposed actually WANTS to NOT talk about something or against it!

Two characteristic examples:

  • After seeing the graphic image of a homosexual act, Apple comic book app Comixology chose to ban the sale of this issue of the comic book Saga from iPhones and iPads. The controversial panel features a robot guy whose head is a TV screen and on that TV screen there is a drawing of gay sex. But since Apple isn’t usually in the habit of banning graphic violence or sexual material in its media, this definitely has raised more than a few eyebrows- and questions of homophobia! [1]
  • A New York state teacher is facing disciplinary action for assigning students to argue Jews were to blame for the problems of Nazi Germany. The Albany High School teacher asked students to assume they were convincing a Nazi official of their loyalty. A third of the students refused to complete the English class assignment. The school system’s superintendent says she believed that the teacher bore no ill intent but that the assignment should have been worded differently. [2]

In the era of “non censorship” you cannot hold any views against homosexuals or against Jews… You are “free” to think and write anything we want!

I dream of a world free. A world free of “freedom”…

Circumcision, Jews and the (misunderstood) role of Religion…

The German government says Jewish and Muslim communities should be able to continue the practice of circumcision in the name of religious freedom, after a regional court ruled it amounted to bodily harm. (1)

Every time something similar happens, we tend to forget the true nature of religion. Religion is a philosophical system based on the knowledge of people who formed the group of wise men of their time.

And few of us remember that our medicine is not an exact science (see Why Medicine is NOT a pro-Science argument!), but also a system of beliefs based again on the knowledge of some people – like the “alternative” medicine of Chinese is a similar system.

And no matter how wrong all those things might sound to you, Jews have the lowest rate of penis cancer

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