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  • Hunger…


    Researchers discovers how hunger might make food tastier: Using optogenetic and chemogenetic techniques, researchers have identified brain circuits underlying hunger-induced changes in the preferences for sweet and aversive tastes in mice. These circuits involved Agouti-related peptide-expressing neurons, which projected to glutamate neurons in the lateral hypothalamus. From there, glutamate neurons projecting to the lateral septum […]

  • What colour?

    What colour?

    What colour were fossil animals? Scientists have evaluated fossil color reconstruction methods and proposed a new study framework that improves and expands current practice. (1) What a weird era. Our knowledge gets accumulated in amazing rates. And yet, we are still here. Only knowing about us. Yes, we know about the dinosaurs. But we will […]

  • Reading. Seeing. Seeing better!

    Reading. Seeing. Seeing better!

    Reading is a recent invention in the history of human culture — too recent for dedicated brain networks to have evolved specifically for it. How, then, do we accomplish this remarkable feat? As we learn to read, a brain region known as the ‘visual word form area’ (VWFA) becomes sensitive to script (letters or characters). […]

  • Hard to exist?

    Hard to exist?

    Astronomers have discovered the most massive neutron star to date, a rapidly spinning pulsar approximately 4,600 light-years from Earth. This record-breaking object is teetering on the edge of existence, approaching the theoretical maximum mass possible for a neutron star. (1) Should it be there? According to what we knew, perhaps no. But then again, we […]

  • Clouds…


    In a major first, scientists have detected water vapor and possibly even liquid water clouds that rain in the atmosphere of a strange exoplanet that lies in the habitable zone of its host star about 110 light-years from Earth. (1) Clouds far far away. But how can we detect clouds? How can we detect rain […]