Preschoolers, graduates, non-thinking.



Preschoolers can outsmart university graduates. (1)

The more you know, the less able you are to learn new things.

The more things you understand, the less able you are to understand new things.

The more you think, the less able you are to think.

Only the empty cup, can be filled…

Being advanced… Being stupid…


Modern children have all the technology at the tip of their fingers.

They have instant access to vast amounts of knowledge. [1]

But they must give it up before it is too late.

Because that thing to what they have access is not “knowledge”. It is data.

Knowledge is earned. Not read.

If you do not understand that, you will soon become stupid beyond imagination…

Learning, DSB, DNA…


Scientists at the Gladstone Institutes have discovered that a certain type of DNA damage long thought to be particularly detrimental to brain cells can actually be part of a regular, non-harmful process. [1]

Scientists have long known that DNA damage occurs in every cell, accumulating as we age. But a particular type of DNA damage, known as a double-strand break, or DSB, has long been considered a major force behind age-related illnesses such as Alzheimer’s. Today, researchers in the laboratory of Gladstone Senior Investigator Lennart Mucke, MD, report in Nature Neuroscience that DSBs in neuronal cells in the brain can also be part of normal brain functions such as learning – as long as the DSBs are tightly controlled and repaired in good time.

Learning entails the notion of destruction. Every time you learn something new, what you knew up to then is destroyed. Literally. And this applies even to learning completely new things: replacing “nothing” with “something” is equally “destructive” as a process. What you once knew, what you once were as a human being, is destroyed to give place to your “new self” – ready and equiped with new knowledge and understanding.

Say goodbye to your old self. Say hello to your new “you”.

Harmonia Philosophica & Harmoniae Mundi – Part 3


> Part of the Harmoniae Mundi series (see the second part here) <

The sky is full of weird coincidences. The Moon has exactly the phenomenal size of the Sun, so that in solar eclipses it covers exactly the Sun’s disk.

In a weird way, the sizes of Mercury and Earth are also connected – not only with each other but also with the orbits of the two planets… The same happens with Earth and Saturn relative sizes.

On the other hand, the size of Earth and Moon are also interconnected so as to give the solution to one of the greatest problems in mathematics: the squaring of the circle… The dotted circles in the schema below have the same surface as the dotted squares.

Keep looking at the sky.

And remember. What you see as a coincidence, may not be one…