Give care. Give love. For ever…



Robbie Pinter’s 21-year-old son, Nicholas, is upset again. He yells. He obsesses about something that can’t be changed. Even good news may throw him off.

So Dr. Pinter breathes deeply, as she was taught, focusing on each intake and release. She talks herself through the crisis, reminding herself that this is how Nicholas copes with his autism and bipolar disorder.

“This has happened before”, she tells herself. “It’s nowhere near as bad as before, and it will pass”. (1)

Think of time as a dimension.
Then travel back to that dimension.
Go and see Pinter as he tries to calm.
Go and see Pinter as he loves his child.

This has happened before.

And it is always happening…

Give love. For ever…

[written on 1/8/2014]

Why people suffer? – Call for philosophical essays

Photo by Spiros Kakos in Pexels

Humans are averted to suffering. We do not wish to ache or cry.

Yet, life is full of pain.


Of what use is that pain?

How could good people suffer while others are spared the day? Is there a plan behind all this or are we just trying to discover meaning where there is nothing to find or say?

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Seek Harmonia Philosophica article ‘Why do good people suffer?‘ for inspiration.

Looking forward to your ideas!

Light. Low light. Essence.

Photo by Spiros Kakos from Pexels

It was a puzzle about birds.

Migratory birds are known to rely on Earth’s magnetic field to help them navigate the globe. And it was suspected that a protein called cryptochrome, which is sensitive to blue light, was making it possible for birds to do this.

Yet many of these animals are also known to migrate at night when there isn’t much light available. So it wasn’t clear how cryptochrome would function under these conditions in birds.

A new study led by UT Southwestern Medical Center in collaboration with SMU (Southern Methodist University), though, may have figured out the answer to that puzzle.

Researchers found that cryptochromes from migratory birds have evolved a mechanism that enhances their ability to respond to light, which can enable them to sense and respond to magnetic fields.

“We were able to show that the protein cryptochrome is extremely efficient at collecting and responding to low levels of light,” said SMU chemist Brian D. Zoltowski, who was one of the lead authors of a new study on the findings. (1)

There you go. They still use light.

But they can see light where we cannot.

There is nothing which is not what it is.

There is no one who does not what he does.

You are you. Birds are birds.

You cannot change your nature.

It is just that your nature is… flexible.

We are dancing in the cosmos. And no matter what we think we can do. We will always dance. Because we can. Because we are meant to dance. We think we do things. We trick our selfs into believing we can make things happen. How wrong are we. The music never stopped playing. And the more we do something, the more we stop listening…

In a world full of music, the only thing we can do is not dance.

And fall…


Photo by Spiros Kakos from Pexels

In a major first, scientists have detected water vapor and possibly even liquid water clouds that rain in the atmosphere of a strange exoplanet that lies in the habitable zone of its host star about 110 light-years from Earth. (1)

Clouds far far away. But how can we detect clouds?

How can we detect rain if we do not get wet?

How can you know how a peach tastes if you do not eat it?

How could you know what death is?

If you do not die first?

How delusional we are.

Believing we can know things without believing…

Do not be envious! (There is nothing to be envy about…)

Photo by Spiros Kakos from Pexels

People look up at presidents as if they are special.

People look up at CEOs as if they are special.

People look up at leaders of states as if they are special.

But all these persons are just humans.

And the truth is that you are special as well!

It is all a matter of what you have decided to do. There are no successful humans or special humans. There are only humans who chose to dedicate themselves to something instead of something else. You could be in the position of those presidents if you wanted.

If you didn’t do such a great job at parenting, spending hours and hours talking and playing with your beloved child. If you didn’t pursue that phD so hard, spending hours and years in research. If you didn’t spend all that time in relaxing and doing nothing (yes, this is a choice as well!), cherishing every passing moment as no one else could. If you didn’t spend all those years in universities or if you didn’t spend all those years in martial arts practicing.

All these things are important. For those who consider them to be.

Don’t be envy of others. Be proud of your choices!

At the end, the sum of all actions of a person is always the same: Zero. We spend energy and time to do things. And this energy and time is always transformed into something else. It is just that every person choses a different ‘something else’. No matter what that is, the time and energy you have spend are always transformed. And yes, luck and other external factors also play a role, but we cannot control that as much as we would like so worrying or arguing about them is like arguing whether it will rain in one year or not.

Own your choices and accept that what you do is what you do.

Nothing more and certainly nothing less.

The entry of president Roosevelt’s diary the day his wife and mother died simply wrote…

‘The light has gone out of my life’ (source)

He was no longer a president. But a man who lost his wife and mother. It is this light that you must strive to find. Inside you, not in titles or degrees or achievements. But inside you. What makes you happy and whole? Try to pursue that. And no matter how unhappy you will become at the end – because at the end you will – you will be enlightened. Life has the tendency to be cruel, but it can never take away our choices.

At the end we all die. At the end we all have to face the void.

And rest assured, each one of us will do that alone.

And right there, it will be of paramount importance to be proud of your choices.

By humbling yourself enough to accept them…

And right before the end.


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