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  • Light. Low light. Essence.

    Light. Low light. Essence.

    It was a puzzle about birds. Migratory birds are known to rely on Earth’s magnetic field to help them navigate the globe. And it was suspected that a protein called cryptochrome, which is sensitive to blue light, was making it possible for birds to do this. Yet many of these animals are also known to […]

  • Clouds…


    In a major first, scientists have detected water vapor and possibly even liquid water clouds that rain in the atmosphere of a strange exoplanet that lies in the habitable zone of its host star about 110 light-years from Earth. (1) Clouds far far away. But how can we detect clouds? How can we detect rain […]

  • Do not be envious! (There is nothing to be envy about…)

    Do not be envious! (There is nothing to be envy about…)

    People look up at presidents as if they are special. People look up at CEOs as if they are special. People look up at leaders of states as if they are special. But all these persons are just humans. And the truth is that you are special as well! It is all a matter of […]

  • Reaching your potential…

    Reaching your potential…

    Having aspirations helps us navigate life in a meaningful and fulfilling way, but it can also cause psychological distress when hopes are left unfulfilled. New research has found that it’s not failing to make progress toward our ‘ideal-self’ that is problematic but rather the tendency to focus on that lack of progress in a negative […]

  • Walking upright (Missing home…)

    A paper published today in the Journal of Geology makes the case: Supernovae bombarded Earth with cosmic energy starting as many as 8 million years ago, with a peak some 2.6 million years ago, initiating an avalanche of electrons in the lower atmosphere and setting off a chain of events that feasibly ended with bipedal […]