Christians dying. [Poem. Memento Mori]

Photo by Spiros Kakos from Pexels

Walking down the street.

Flowers drifted by the breeze.

Sparrow passes by.

The odor of flowers.

The odor of death.

Hold my hand daughter. Smile.

The executioner comes from behind.

Child chuckles fill the air.

Blood dripping at the edge.

Hold my hand daughter. Smile.

I will tickle you!

The sword comes down fast.


Look at me daughter.

Sparrow flies away fast.

I love you…


Flowers blooming…

Memento Mori. [Remember to Die] (Poem)

Don’t worry.

Everything is fine.

For even when everything is not all right.

At the end…

Everything will be all right…

[Photos from Hietaniemen cemetery in Helsinki, Finland]

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