Natural. Unnatural. How natural…

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To find out which sights specific neurons in monkeys ‘like’ best, researchers designed an algorithm, called XDREAM, that generated images that made neurons fire more than any natural images the researchers tested. As the images evolved, they started to look like distorted versions of real-world stimuli. (1)

Round and round we go. Trying to understand where we are by getting away from where we are. Can you find anything not made by wood inside a forest?

See the unnatural. It will catch your attention.

Not because it is unnatural.

But because of how natural it looks!

That is the greatest secret nature taught us. A secret we once knew. A secret we chose to forget. Look at the great mysteries of life. Behold the great occurrences of randomness inside a cosmos governed by change…

There is nothing natural… nature whispers in the night.

But we do not trust the night anymore. We worship the sun.

We opened our eyes to see. And we saw a different cosmos.

Stable. Full of patterns. Laws. Order.

We like that cosmos now. Too afraid to let it go.

But one day, we will sleep tired.

Floating on the silvery moon light…

One day we will dream again…

Knowing that light only creates shadows…

One day we will stand in the midst of nature.

One day, nature will look so unnatural…

Against ecology! For dirty!


Sometimes wildlife likes it dirty. When farmers in Northern Ireland cut the amount of fertilizer leaking from their land into Lough Neagh, the UK’s biggest lake, the upshot was a dramatic decline in the number of migrating birds spending winter there.

By reducing pollution, farmers have improved the lake’s water quality, says Irena Tománková of Queens University Belfast. “But the unexpected consequence is fewer invertebrates and as a result less duck food”.

That’s because there were fewer nutrients in the lake to feed the insects and snails on the muddy lake bottom – critters that visiting birds like pochard, tufted ducks and goldeneye feast on. (1)

In your face you stupid ecologist!

Nature is dirty. Nature is not clean. Nature is not neat.
I would expect a white collar ecologist or a fake-Rambo Greenpeace politically-driven dude to understand that…

“Against ecology” main articles list

“Artificial”, “Natural”, conventions conventions conventions…


Grand Canyon balance restored with artificial floods…

The Colorado River flooded the Grand Canyon on Monday as part of an ongoing experiment to rebuild beaches and restore fish habitat in the iconic Arizona gorge. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar was on hand to open the river outlet tubes at the Glen Canyon Dam in an attempt to clear out the hundreds of millions of tons of sediment that settled at the bottom of the river thanks to the massive concrete barrier. The programmed flooding (which is now planned to be executed every year) is expected to restore the natural balance of the Canyon by providing the all too valuable sludge to the ecosystem, along with additional fresh water. [1, 2]

ARTIFICIAL floods to restore the NATURAL balance?

It sounds weird… And a little bit paradox as well…

Maybe the balance restored is not so “natural”… Or maybe the floods conducted are not so “artificial”… We ARE part of Nature after all, aren’t we?!?

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