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The U.S. Air Force’s A-10 is an ugly, low-flying, slow-moving beast of an aircraft known affectionately by the troops as the Warthog. But even as the flying tank gets ready to shred ISIS terrorists to pieces over Iraq and Syria with its massive 30mm cannon—firing depleted uranium shells the size of a Coke bottle—it hides a dark secret: an unrepentant Nazi fighter pilot helped to develop the ungainly warplane.

Engineer Pierre Sprey, a former Pentagon procurement official who helped design the A-10, confirmed to The Daily Beast that none other than legendary Luftwaffe Colonel Hans-Ulrich Rudel was consulted to develop the Warthog.

Rudel was the Nazi-era Wehrmacht’s (which included the Heer, Kriegsmarine and Luftwaffe) most highly decorated officer and the only man to have been awarded the Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross with Golden Oak Leaves, Swords and Diamonds. During his wartime career, Rudel flew over 2,530 combat sorties over the Eastern Front against the Soviet Union and amassed a combat record of over 2,000 targets destroyed–800 vehicles, 519 tanks, 150 artillery pieces, 70 landing craft, nine aircraft, four armored trains, several bridges, a destroyer, two cruisers, and the Soviet battleship Marat.

However, as good a fighter pilot as Rudel was, it is an undeniable fact the he was an unrepentant Nazi and devotee of Adolf Hitler. After, the war Rudel—who became a relatively successful businessman–continued to advocate for the Third Reich and its genocidal, racist policies. One example of that: Rudel was a prominent member of the neo-Nazi German Reich Party from 1953 onward.(1)

War is ugly.
And not only Nazis do war.
An ugly truth we want to forget…

We claim to be different from the Nazis.
And indeed we are.

The Nazis said publicly that they wanted to conquer the world.
The US say publicly that they just want peace and justice…
The Nazis said publicly that they wanted to kill people.
The US claim publicly that they want to save people from harm…
The Nazis did not try to project their crimes to others.
The US bombs countries while Discovery or History Channel play Hitler documentaries…

We need an evil escape goat to fight against.
But this escape goat is 60 years old and will soon die.

Let him without sin scramble the first A-10… Or Stuka… Or whatever…

WWII, conspiracies, UK and Nazis…

When I was a kid, I was fascinated by World War 2.

And I was even more fascinated by the various mysteries surrounding the great war.

Why did Hitler stop at Dunkirk?

Why did Hess fly to Britain?

Why did Hitler not invade UK?

The truth is most of the times right in front of your eyes. All you have to do is simply stare it in the eyes. If you have the courage to do so.

The truth is that…

Britain has had Nazi lovers in parliament or in high political places for a long time. From Nancy Astor (1) to Oswald Mosley (2) to Edward VIII (3, 4), to many other lords and dukes  (5), the long list of British fascist parties (6) and even current Member of Parliament with Nazi affiliations (7, 8, 9) shows how the ideology of Hitler was not contained to Germany alone as they want us to believe.

The British National Government’s basic line of close collaboration with Nazi Germany was a fact only a few days before the war, despite the rising differences and points of antagonism in a number of spheres of policy. (10) As one can read in the “International Press Correspondence, Volume 15, no 23, 1 June 1935”, after Hitler gave a major speech on foreign policy to the Reichstag on 21 May 1935, Baldwin, speaking officially for the British government, paid a tribute of welcome to the pronouncement and promised ‘the very closest attention in a spirit of sympathy’. The Times found it ‘reasonable and straightforward… the basis of a complete settlement’. The Daily Herald, of course, was foremost in welcoming Hitler’s speech as ‘a good basis… it is now for Great Britain to reply in the same spirit’. The Daily Mail found Hitler’s speech the height of European statesmanship.

Was Hess a lone “mad man” who just decided to go to Britain for… vacation? Could the no. 2 in 3rd Reich’s hierarchy just leave without Hitler knowing about it? Could he go into “enemy” territory without being sure that they will welcome him? Could someone be so STUPID so as to really ask such questions? (11)

The simple truth is that by the beginning of 1941 Hitler, in disregard of the advice of some of his generals, had decided that he could no longer put off his “holy war” against Russia. The attempt to knock out the Western democracies before turning to the East had failed. The alternative was an understanding with Great Britain which would leave Germany free to concentrate everything against Russia-a return, in some measure, to the basis of co-operation set up in Munich (12). Whatever Chamberlain and Daladier may have thought, the Germans had interpreted the Munich deal as a carte blanche for Nazi domination of Eastern Europe. The Allied guarantees to Poland and Rumania thereafter and their declaration of war, were indignantly denounced in Berlin as a democratic double-cross. (13)

And yes, Hess had RAF escort during his flight over Britain. (13)

Even today you can see dictators and Nazi-lovers at royal weddings. Yes, this is not something which has passed away. This is something we live in. They are the same people (Prince Philip) who hope to be reincarnated as a deadly virus” to help solve the population problem. (14) They are the same people who are pro-eugenics and true “ecologists”. (15)

Hitler stopped at Dunkerk so as to leave his British friends a chance.

Hitler sent Hess on a peace mission in agreement with his British friends.

Hitler did not invade UK because you do not invade friends. (and not because it was difficult, Hitler had gone even to Africa or the far end of Atlantic)

Hitler’s ideology had support from many people short before and even during World War II. An annoying truth which many people try to hide today. Could Hitler be just ONE example OUT OF THE MANY in his days? Could his evil not be so unique as some people want us to believe? No one could rise in power in any state in such a “closed” continent and done the things he done (concentration camps in Germany existing well BEFORE the war and everyone knew about it – unless they believe fairies took communists and other “disturbing elements” during the night for a walk in the forest) without the consent of all the great powers of the time.

Prince Harry can have Nazi uniforms (16, 17) but who cares?

Princess Michael’s father, Baron Gunther von Reibnitz, can go into US restaurants and talk against black people making noise next to his table telling them “Go back to the colonies” (18) but who cares?

Royals, dukes, lords, MPs…

The cycle of hypocrisy does not end.

Watching too many Hitler documentaries at Discovery Channel has turned our minds into pulp.

The dirtiest places, have the cleanest carpets…

No, you cannot “understand” art you fool Nazi!

Recently it was revealed that a huge stash of modern art had been found in a flat in Munich. Many of the paintings were considered “degenerate” by the Nazis, who staged an exhibition especially to ridicule them. (1)

In July 1937, four years after it came to power, the Nazi party put on two art exhibitions in Munich. The Great German Art Exhibition was designed to show works that Hitler approved of – depicting statuesque blonde nudes along with idealised soldiers and landscapes. The second exhibition, just down the road, showed the other side of German art – modern, abstract, non-representational – or as the Nazis saw it, “degenerate”.

The Degenerate Art Exhibition included works by some of the great international names – Paul Klee, Oskar Kokoschka and Wassily Kandinsky – along with famous German artists of the time such Max Beckmann, Emil Nolde and Georg Grosz. The exhibition handbook explained that the aim of the show was to “reveal the philosophical, political, racial and moral goals and intentions behind this movement, and the driving forces of corruption which follow them”.

Works were included “if they were abstract or expressionistic, but also in certain cases if the work was by a Jewish artist,” says Jonathan Petropoulos, professor of European History at Claremont McKenna College and author of several books on art and politics in the Third Reich. He says the exhibition was laid out with the deliberate intention of encouraging a negative reaction. “The pictures were hung askew, there was graffiti on the walls, which insulted the art and the artists, and made claims that made this art seem outlandish, ridiculous”. The art was divided into different rooms by category – art that was blasphemous, art by Jewish or communist artists, art that criticized German soldiers, art that offended the honour of German women.

One room featured entirely abstract paintings, and was labelled “the insanity room”. “In the paintings and drawings of this chamber of horrors there is no telling what was in the sick brains of those who wielded the brush or the pencil,” reads the entry in the exhibition handbook.


Art is NOT to be understood you fool! Art is to be admired!

Like life, art is irrational! And that is why we like it! Without knowing why, some chords are touched by otherwise meaningless paintings or sculptures.

As Kierkergor said, only the irrational is real…

Nazis. Time for forgiveness?

Where should we bury that Nazi? Our society cannot accept his body. Nor can our church! (1)

You see Jesus may have forgiven the sinners who were crucified with him, but modern church has politics to think about.

You may claim “forgiveness for everyone” as long as you do not practice it…

Modern society does not have room for forgiveness.

Even after you are dead…

Hitler’s children – Lesson to be learned.

The daughter of Heinrich Himmler… Still active today.

After World War II, many people who survived had relations with renowned Nazis.

Despite what they have gone through, they had to keep on going.

Each one chose a different path…

Bettina Goering (great niece of Adolf Hitler’s second in command Goering) lives in Sante Fe, asking from people hate Germans for what they are. (1) Bettina Goering lived in exile in New Mexico and shockingly described how she  and her brother had reached the same conclusion as Larkin (in his poem poem This Be the Verse) and had been  sterilised. “I cut the line,” she said. (2, 3)

Hitler ear tugged by his god-daughter Edda Goering

Hitler’s godson Niklas Frank (whose father Hans was Nazi governor of occupied Poland responsible for the death  camps in which six million Jewish people were killed), lectured about his infamous father to young people in the former East  Germany in a bid to prevent them from straying into the far-right scene that  preys on the young unemployed and desperate. (4)

Monika Goeth, daughter of the monstrous camp commander Amon, portrayed by Ralph  Fiennes in Schindler’s List, recounted falling in love with a bar owner only to  see a concentration camp tattoo on his wrist one evening and to discover he had  been imprisoned in her father’s camp.
Himmler, great niece of Heinrich Himmler, said her generation learnt languages  with dedication so that they could go abroad without being recognised as  Germans.

The daughter of Amon Goeth

Ruth Kalder Goeth, the wife of Goeth, committed suicide in 1983, shortly after giving an interview in Jon Blair’s documentary Schindler. (6)

Gudrun Burwitz, the 81-year-old daughter of Heinrich Himmler still works at a ruthless pace to keep the Nazi flame alive. (7)

Martin Adolf Bormann became a catholic priest. (8)

Gudrun Burwitz (Himmler’s daughter) today

The sins of the parents, definitely play a role in their childrens’ lifes. But should they? It is up to us to decide. You never fight hate with hate. But you can completely eradicate it with love… If these stories have something to teach us, this is that the war does not end when the last bullet is fired. It goes on and on in the minds of people for years to come, until someone forgives and puts an end to the infinite loop of hatred…

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