Nietzsche and irrationality as the only possible religion!

Nietzsche believed in the irrationality of life. Something which has led many people against religion. But on the same time many of these people accuse religion of being… irrational.

But can the meaning of life be rational?

Can the purpose of the cosmos be logical?

If we have to accept life as it is, like Nietzsche tells us, then we should embrace the illogical. Only then will we discover the deep darkness of the abyss. Where the only thing that makes things Be exists.


Without explanations. Without foundations.

Pure. Irrational.


Nietzsche and “God is dead”, as a cry of agony!


It is true that Nietzsche said in one of his books the infamous phrase “God is dead”. But few really understood in what way Nietzsche said that phrase. While reading the new book of Solomon and Higgins about the great philosopher, I was reminded of the great Greek philosopher Papanoutsos. The latter was one of the few who understood that “God is dead” is a cry of agony, not a cry of triumph. The great German philosopher was much more religious than most people think (read “Nietzsche – An irrational believer” for more on this). Nietzsche was against Christianism because the latter failed to solve the practical problems of the world and because it was drifting too much away from humans and their natural existence. But Nietzsche was also against rationalism (he was the founder of Irrationalism) and against the idea that science was the solution to all the problems – many people tend to overlook this. In his writting you can find many references to God and all too many references against science, which also failed to solve the problems of the world.

Nietzsche and his sister, 1899

Many times people misunderstand that other people say…

Nietzsche is perhaps the most misunderstood of them all…

God is dead!

People wrongly think that believing in science is the cure for their agonies. People believe that they are just dust which happened to exist by luck. People believe that  they are nothing. Welcome to the modern era!

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