Seeking the past in a Blue Lake…



Imagine a lake that’s never been affected by climate change or any other man-made influences. Australian scientists say they have found just that—a remote lake whose crystal-clear waters seem to be in the same chemical state as they were about 7,500 years ago. [1] (even though I might ask: How do you know it is in the same state as 7,500 years before – Do you know for sure how it was 7,500 years ago?)

Oh why is it that we wish to find things untouched by time?
Why do we seek to find the past?

We live now. But something inside us, makes us connect to everything that today “is not”… Maybe because it has never stopped being…

Luxor, a child, a monument, a society…


A 15-year old child defaced a stone sculpture in an ancient Egyptian temple with graffiti. [1]

Everyone is angry.

They should be.

We live in the past. We adore the past. We think in the past.

The past is all our society has. Too bad…

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