Memento Mori. [Remember to Die] (Poem)


Don’t worry.

Everything is fine.

For even when everything is not all right.

At the end…

Everything will be all right…

[Photos from Hietaniemen cemetery in Helsinki, Finland]

Beautiful women II


Because the most beautiful posts are written for no reason…

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Beautiful Women…


The cosmos is irrational.

And so is beauty.

Beauty is ephemeral.

And, thus, eternal – like the cosmos we live in…

Find below a collection of beautiful women pictures…

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Because not all articles must make sense!

Just Enjoy!

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Bikini fit models: A meta-structural analysis of the Dasein ontological phenomenology.


This is not a philosophical post.

[Idea credited to the legendary Karistakis]

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Did you REALLY expect a serious post with such a title?


(perhaps this post IS philosophical after all)