Fuck the juridical system! U-S-A !!!


Arrersting without telling his rights. Senators asking for trial under the “military law” so that he does not even have rights (why waste money on Guantanamo if we are not using it?). Authorities already suspecting “Russian training”. And of course, everything done over an American citizen who is accidentally injured to the throat and tongue so that he cannot talk. (1, 2)

Is it a movie?

Is it a novel?

Nooooo!!! It is… U.S.A. !!!

Go go go!!!!

U – S – A !!!!!! U – S – A !!!!!! U – S – A !!!!!!

Fuck Iran! Fuck Korea! Fuck EVERYBODY!!!

Becaaaaauuuusseeeeeee… we are U.S.A. !!!

The land of no rights.

The land of minors with guns (but no alcohol).

The land where No Laws is the law.

When will the responsibles of the non-killing of that suspect be held accountable? We cannot have terrorist suspects alive, thus having authorities pass all this stressful process. COME ON GUYS!

Now that I think of it better, who the fuck thought of that “juridical system” anyway? Why have such? Can’t we solve our problems with guns as any civilized cowboy? Why even have such a system when you have… POWER?!?!?


There have been other empires before USA. And there will be many more after it. The Greek Byzantium did not last 1,100 years by trespassing the rights of everyone when it wished so. If USA does not understand that being a superpower makes her have super-responsibilities as well, there will come a time when someone else will have more power and impose his own “justice” to her. And then it would be too damn late to ask for… Justice…


Excuse me.

Can we have the juridical system back?

Korea, crisis and why US is NOT like Rome…

The US and South Korea have begun annual military drills amid high tensions with North Korea in the wake of a UN sanctions vote. The US-South Korea joint drills, which are known as “Key Resolve”, last two weeks and involve more than 13,000 troops. Another joint exercise, known as Foal Eagle, has been under way since the beginning of March. Both exercises take place every year, usually prompting strong rhetoric from the North. [1]

USA is the worlds superpower. As Rome once was. With some key differences: US does not wish to install a “Pax Americana” as Roman did. US is not trying to build relations with the nations it destroys, like Rome did. US just goes in a place, bombs the hell out of it and then – after some years – goes away. Rome on the other hand tried to develop the cities it conquered, tried to pass on their civilization to the barbarians. They tried to educate them. And that – even though right and proper – was their demise.

Rome was based on might and civilization. US is based on might only. It seems that this is what the world needs. Your enemy will not understand you trying to make him better. He will attack you as soon as you lower your guard. This is what Rome did with Hadrian (Ανδριανός). And as soon as some legions were dispatched to deal with the Iran issue, German races almost immediately attacked the weakened spots in the borderline.

So a great dilemma arises…

Should the superpower try to dissipate knowledge to all other nations? Or should it keep secrets and technology to itself and rule with an iron fist?

The worst and – at the same time – the correct answer is the first…

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