Russia, economy, One.


Western governments are spluttering with indignation following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine’s Crimean peninsula – but in an economically interconnected world, spluttering may be their only response. US President Barack Obama promised “consequences”, and European Union foreign ministers rushed to emergency meetings. “But there’s nothing we can do,” says Keir Giles of Chatham House, an international affairs think-tank based in London.

One might think that the main obstacle to any Western military action is Russia’s size and 1300 nuclear warheads ready to launch. However it is not. In reality, the chief stumbling block to any Western action is the interconnectedness of the global economy. Sevastopol, the Crimean town which is the only port for Russia’s Black Sea fleet, is also vital for grain shipments. Ukraine is the world’s sixth-largest exporter of wheat and fourth-largest of maize, accounting for 18 per cent of the world’s maize exports. Disrupting that with military action or a blockade would destabilise grain prices, causing political unrest worldwide. Wheat and corn prices have already jumped over the current confrontation. (1)

In an interconnected world, there is so little you can do to harm the other without harming your self.

Think about it.
We are all living in the same world.
We are all interconnected.
Harming others means harming our own self.
Loving others means loving us.

In a cosmos old enough, One is the only option.
Is that the answer we have been searching for thousands of years in philosophy?

The command “ἀγαπᾶτε ἀλλήλους” certainly sounds more wise under that perspective…

Putin, NFL and the “stolen” (?) ring…

An NFL team owner accuses Putin of stealing a ring of his, which he handed him over during a visit to have a look at it. [1]

Could a president of a country steal a ring?
Why not? He kills people for fun, would a ring be a problem?’

On the other hand could a business man tell lies?
Why not? He tells lies every day, would he stop now?

Dissifult problem…

You have too much controversial evidence to find the solution. Typical of any philosophical problem. This is why only Philosophy can solve this: The ring does not exist! Everything is in our mind! 🙂

Korea – Born a monster…

Korea is the disfigured child of Cold War, never being able to get over its heritage. A child suffering of problematic behaviour from the very beginning of its life, due to problematic parents.

And now that the parents managed to fully grow a monster, they are whistling around like they don’t know who is to blame and are ready to slay their own offspring in front of the whole world…

It’s a cruel world…

Vostok, bacteria and personal agendas in Science: A sad tale…

A Russian scientist over the weekend dismissed the claims of his colleagues that water pulled from a lake buried for millions of years beneath Antarctica contained a strange new form of microbial life. But on Monday, those colleagues insisted that the bacterium they have discovered doesn’t fall into any known categories. The tiny creature in question came from a sample of water pulled by a team of Russian scientists from lake Vostok in February, 2012, after more than two decades of drilling. (1, 2)

“After excluding all known contaminants … we discovered bacterial DNA that does not match any known species listed in global databanks. We call it unidentified and ‘unclassified’ life,” Sergei Bulat (a researcher at the Laboratory of Eukaryote Genetics at the St. Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute) said.

But on Saturday, Vladimir Korolyov (Eukaryote genetics laboratory head) told the Interfax news agency that they did not find any life forms — just contaminants that remained from the drilling process. “We found certain specimen, although not many, but all of them belonged to contaminants (microorganisms from the bore-hole kerosene, human bodies or the lab). There was one strain of bacteria which we did not find in drilling liquid, but the bacteria could in principal use kerosene as an energy source,” Korolyov said. “That is why we can’t say that a previously-unknown bacteria was found,” he added.

I am really lost here.

Korolyov does not refute the claim that the bacteria DNA found has not been identified. So what is that “all of them belonged to contaminants” claim? And how can you know that the bacteria in the drilling liquid did not enter the liquid FROM the lake? And even if it didn’t, then we have STILL discovered a new form of life (even not in the lake, but in the drilling liquid). And how does a denial of this magnitude stand on “could”?

Even if I do not know what happened (as is the case with the scientists there too), I understand one sad thing: That politics play a MAJOR role in modern science. Don’t be surprised if after 100 years we learn that this is one more case of the head of a lab being hostile to one of his colleagues just because he wants to deny him of a discovery…

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