Hasty science & embryonic tissue…


The living tissue inside an animal has been regressed back into an embryonic state for the first time, Spanish researchers say. They believe it could lead to new ways of repairing the body, for example after a heart attack.

However, the study published in the journal Nature, showed the technique led to tumours forming in mice.

Stem cell experts said it was a “cool” study, but would need to be much more controlled before leading to therapies. (1)

Hasty science… In the old days great minds waited for years before they publish (see Newton). They wanted to “make sure” or “make perfect” whatever they wrote. There was no “rush” then… Some great geniouses back then even refrained from publishing at all or even burned their works because they thought they were… “imperfect” (!) (see Ovidius)

Now …

Well, now let’s publish and we will think later…

NE… hmmm… “new” life!! Yeaahhhh! (boring)

Scientists thrilled to discover life in under-ice lakes! (1)


I guess after discovering life in toxic environments or after realizing that some organisms can even survive space, the next big “discovery” was to find life in Antarctica.

Again. “Wow”….


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