Sex from the age of eight?!? As long as we look “progressive”… [or: Why we hate children]



Norway educating children at the age of eight (8) on sex. (1) In the name of progressiveness we make our children adults before they even get a chance to play with Playmobil. We get them to shows, we make them sing, we watch them dance in front of millions of TV viewers. We believe it is “cute” to see them behave like adults. Perhaps we believe it is also “right”.

But a child needs to be a child.

A child needs to play with toys.

A child needs to just laugh.

A child needs to be loved.

A child does not need to… fuck!

Learning about sex is something good. But only when the time is right. Too late and the consequences could be tragic. Too early and the consequences could be disastrous. Children imitate adults. As soon as they see something they want to try it out. Do we really want to teach them everything about how to fuck years before they are physically ready to do so? Humans are beings with intelligence and soul. Making sex our new god is the best way to get again in line with all the beasts. But not even those have sex from their childhood.

European countries are having an auction of progressiveness.

Soon another country will lower the age limit for sex education.

And then another country will lower that limit once more.

Until sex is something logical from the age of… Well. Who cares?

As long as we look “progressive”…

Being a child is the most precious thing of all. And we tend to destroy it. We value adulthood for it’s wisdom. But only children can understand the world without understanding the world. Only children live without thinking. Truly loving. Honestly experiencing. We want to destroy children and bring “wisdom” to the cosmos. As truly stupid people we like to promote our stupidity.

As long as we look “progressive”…

Free spirits, that is what they are. Enslaved into bodies, in their first steps trying to escape. Showing in every possible way their spirituality. Lauging with no reason. Loving with no reason. And we hate children. We want to destroy those free spirits, put them into our little boxes. So that we can understand them. So that we can control them. And most of all, so that we can forget that we once were like this.

If babies could talk, they would speak the highest level of philosophy.

If babies could talk, they would vote for the conservatives…

Religion, Science, life, death…



Religion 1, Science 0. Yesterday the US Supreme Court ruled that forcing small companies to provide women with free contraception was a violation of their religious freedom. Anti-abortion campaigners celebrated but others have criticized the decision for not taking the scientific evidence into account.

One of the mandates of President Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act is that companies must provide health insurance that offers free birth control. This was challenged by Hobby Lobby, a craft store chain, and Conestoga Wood Specialties, a furniture maker. The Supreme Court ruling states that these companies – and other small family-run businesses like them – may opt out of providing their employees with birth control coverage if the methods conflict with their religious beliefs.

The two companies that brought the case believe that life begins when a sperm and egg meet. They are not opposed to birth control methods that prevent fertilization, but condemn those that prevent the implantation of a fertilized egg – believing this amounts to abortion – citing the morning-after pills Plan B and Ella, and two intrauterine devices as examples. (1)

We are a society of death.

We fight for the right of dying.
Because we do not yet realize what life actually is.

Science has become a tool of politics.
Science has become a media of philosophical dogmatism.

We laugh at religion which teaches life, because we love death.
When does life begin? When does life end?
We are ready to define things the way we like just in order to gain some more carefree sex.
We prefer to kill,
in order to gain comfort.
We prefer to kill,
in order to gain pleasure.

We believe we are civilized and evolved.
But we are primitive and disrespectful.
Tagging that “scientific” does not change our true nature…

Asexual reproduction – The menace to ToE…


Plants can transfer their entire genetic material to a partner in an asexual manner, researchers report. Occasionally, two different plant species interbreed with each other in nature. This usually causes problems since the genetic information of both parents does not match. But sometimes, instead of passing on only half of each parent’s genetic material, both plants transmit the complete information to the next generation. This means that the chromosome sets are totted up. The chromosomes are then able to find their suitable partner during meiosis, allowing the plants to stay fertile and a new species is generated. (1)

Here you go.
Reproduction without sex.

After the bacteria and a zillion other “primitive” organisms, more evolved organisms like trees now show that the way of Darwin is not the only one. And note that humans also do the same. (IVF it is called)

Asexual reproduction poses a serious question to how the Theory of Evolution can hold.

How can a theory claim to explain everything in life, when it cannot even account for the most basic mechanism that prevails in nature?
How much more can modern biology deny the obvious?
How much does mainstream science need to start questioning the questionable?

Change is difficult, I can acknowledge that.
But evolutionary biologists must find a way to evolve.
Or they will be really fucked.

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Sexual orientation. Animal brothels. Humans as gods…


Nintendo criticized for not allowing gay characters in its game. [1] Austria sends… a man feeling woman with a beard to Eurovision. [2] Movies promote gay people having children. [3] Bestiality brothels are ‘spreading through Germany’!!! Animal abusers claim that sex with animals is just a ‘lifestyle choice’. [4]

When you promote abnormality, then there are consequences…

What would you say if necrophiliacs started having their own brothels? Why not have brothels with… lobsters or octopuses? Does that sound extreme? Why would it? Search the web and what you think is extreme is perfectly normal for other people.

So what is the problem here?

Well, this has nothing to do with the rights of anyone! Not even with the  rights of the majority which does not want to be oppressed by the minority (majorities anyway change). It has to do with the rights of nature to define on its own what is “normal” (Gr. “ΦΥΣΙΟλογικό”) without us imposing our own ‘external’ opinion on the matter. It is about us humans being considered as ‘gods’ who can impose their own opinion on what the cosmos is and should be.

And this is philosophical dogmatism at its best and most raw form.

Do not confuse this with politics though. This has nothing to do with respecting all people for what they are and want to do, something to which we all should agree with. All logical progressive people for example would agree that all citizens should have equal rights independently of their sexual orientation. This has to do with imposing the abnormal as the new normal. This has nothing to do with human rights or progressiveness or democracy. It has to do with simply stating the facts. Nothing more. Nothing less (reality has the tendency to be boring, I know).

Take a look outside your window…

Do humans have one hand?

No. They have two.

And that is why all shirts have two sleeves.

But don’t for one second believe that humans who were unlucky enough to lose one of their hands, are not priviledged to use t-shirts or have fewer rights than any other human being!

And no, I do not care whether you reader are gay, straight, bisexual or anything else. And you shouldn’t care of what I am either.

Because after all…

This is just a site.

And this is just an article.

Is that normal?

Female orgasm. Evolution. Explanations. Knowledge…


Why did female orgasm evolve into existence? (1)

We claim that evolution is random and RESULTS in the ability to adapt and survive.

So we try to just find out HOW what we ALREADY know happened, happens.

What we know dictates what we learn…

What we seek dictates what we find…

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