Magnetism. [Where is Velikovsky?]


Astronomers have for the first time probed the magnetic fields in the mysterious inner regions of stars. Using a technique called asteroseismology, which uses sound waves generated by turbulence on the surface of stars to determine their inner properties, the scientists found that the fusion-powered cores of red giants, stars that are evolved versions of our sun, are strongly magnetized. The findings will help astronomers better understand the evolution of stars. (1)


An all too common phenomenon.

Too boring to deal with.

We all “know” it.

We teach it to first grade students.

CERN is not concerned with it.

And yet, the more “boring” and “simple” phenomena, the most common ones, are the most interesting.

Simple questions. Research. Crazy. Definitions…


The Broad Institute, a collaborative biomedical research center in Cambridge, Massachusetts, has received a $650 million donation from philanthropist and businessman Ted Stanley to study the biological basis of diseases such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.

The largest donation ever made to psychiatric research, the gift totals nearly six times the current $110 million annual budget for President Barack Obama’s Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies (BRAIN) Initiative. Stanley has already given Broad $175 million, and the $650 million will be provided as an annual cash flow on the order of tens of millions each year, with the remainder to be given after Stanley’s death. (1)

We spend so much time and money researching mental disorders and we have not even solved the simplest of problems: What is “normal” and what is “crazy”? Who defines it?

Start from the simple questions.

And all the complicated ones will lose their significance…

Why do we sleep? Do not know…


Science cannot yet answer a simple question: why do we need to sleep? [1]. However the question could be easily transposed to a much more fundamental one: why are we awake? And we should not forget that whenever there is a dead-end in answering something, the solution could be that we are not asking the right question. Could it be that the distinction between awake and sleeping is void of meaning?