Ayahuasca for the many…

From Brooklyn to Australia, there is a growing demand for ayahuasca, a tribal, hallucinogenic tea said to have both spiritual and curative properties. But, like any globalization fairy tale, the world’s embrace is threatening to suffocate the tradition at its source. The herbal tea, made by combining a rare vine and shrub found in the thick of the Amazon, has become the “it” drug for celebrities like Sting and Lindsay Lohan, who rave about its spiritual properties. But for the Amazonian tribes that have used ayahuasca for 5,000 years to communicate with God on matters ranging from politics to medicine, the trend is dangerous.

“The sacred art of Indians has been transformed into entertainment”, said Moises Pianko, a member of the Ashaninka tribe of northern Brazil.

The ayahuasca tourism industry grows exponentially. An estimated 40 therapeutic retreats around the world now specialize in ayahuasca, according to Carlos Suarez, an independent researcher who writes about economic development and cultural change in the Amazon. Some researchers see the global commercialization of ayahuasca as inevitable, and think the tribes should focus on getting a cut of profits. Some tribes want to get on board, but demand for ayahuasca is surging too fast to keep up.

At the same time, the rush for ayahuasca has tribes questioning the sustainability of their own ceremonies. Because extraction of the plant is largely unregulated, foresters have found that amature ayahuasca brewers wandering the jungle often cut off a piece of the rare vine and leave the rest to rest rot. Finding the once abundant vine in Peru’s Iquitos region, where most centers are located, now takes days. (1)

Spiritual world for sale.

The epitome of western civilization.

Once again the ignorance of the many leads to misconceptions about the knowledge of the few. Shamans used this vine for their spiritual rituals, but that does not mean that whoever drinks it will have the same experience or the same spiritual journey. One needs to be prepared for the higher realms of spirit and soul – what difference would it make to drink a tea like this if your “god” is money and sex?

Prepare yourself to enter the cave.

Yes, you will see things inside.

But only what you take with you…

Mystery Eternal

Life is a mystery. Only poetry can scratch its surface…

Find below a poem which I found in the Internet and which illustrates in the most beautiful way why we may be resistiant to the idea that we are all part of the One many philosophers and mystics talked about…

Well, no more talking. Enjoy.

Mystery Eternal

Pearls are born
of irritation
Diamonds are born
from pressure

Resistance to change
will leave no growth
but surely a call
to return
again and again

to learn the lessons
that bring us
to awareness
of the Light
that overpowers
all shadows of doubt

It is our mind
used in selfish ways
that brings the
darkness within

as we cannot believe
that we are all
part of this

by Cecil B. Lee

Zen wisdom, illogical life, being You

Learn the Form but Seek the formless.

Hear the songless.

Learn it all and Forget it all.

Learn the way, but find your own Way.

Do not name what you see.

For it is like water.

Just Be. Do not Think.

You will Die.

Reflections on water… Temporary… Beautiful… Eternal… [Photo: Denis Collette]
You will soon die.

Have you forgotten it?

Do you feel unpleasant when someone reminds you of that little truth?

How do you live, without remembering the most important part of life?

Do you fear enough?

Are you enslaved enough to your body?

Do you worship the temporary?

Socrates slept peacefully one day before his execution.

He even had a dream.

Do your dream of Life?

Or Death?

You will soon die.

Be happy. This is Life!

Matter, Materialism, Materialists vs. Logic

Some say everything is matter. But without knowing what “matter” is.

Some say everything is matter. But without knowing what “everything” is.

And when some day in the future we find out that our spirit is based on something else, then all we have to do is name this “something” matter…

Does it matter anyway?

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