Prisons: A paradise?!? (for liberals) [OR: Eating apples.]



All are treated equally.

Food for everyone.

Free medical care.

Only police has guns.

A liberal paradise!

Watch out what you dream for. Because while you are dreaming high walls are rising around you. Enclosing you in happiness. (like… Sweden?) Which will seem more and more like unhappiness.

Adam and Eve were not in Paradise!

You are! Free to do whatever you wish.

Even eating apples…

Citizens terror…

NSA’s snooping dragnet has little impact on terrorism: The US government, through its National Security Agency, keeps records of every single phone call made by every single phone in the country – and probably almost anything that travels over the internet. The oft-repeated rationale is that this kind of bulk data collection has the power to prevent terrorist attacks and keep the US safe.

But an analysis from the non-profit policy group New America Foundation, released today, shows that NSA surveillance programs have been used to apprehend only 17 of the 225 people charged with an act of terrorism in the US since 9/11. The report also argues that the NSA’s mass surveillance, which began after the Al-Qaida attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon, would not even have helped to prevent those attacks. (1)

The only thing that can terrorize a state, are its citizens.

No wonder they are the ones who are monitored…

Be proud of that!

Turkey, sex, oppression…

Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan’s proposal to ban cohabitation for male and female students has garnered criticism nationwide. (1)

Should religion or anyone else impose values? If not, what would happen if we have NO values whatsoever?

Is banning pre-marital sex right? Is fucking around like pornstars right? Surely now we are somewhere in the middle. But towards WHERE do we want to go? What is our value target?

And last but not least: When the MAJORITY of a country WANTS to be oppressed, what can you do? 😉

NSA averted 1,000,000 conspiracies!!!

NSA chief announced that his agency averted 50 terrorism conspiracies due to its spy-on-my-citizens program. [1]

Why stop at 50? Why not 100? Why not 1,000?

Why not 1,000,000?


Ouaou! I am so glad I am watched over!

PS. According to trusted Harmonia Philosophica sources the number of plots averted could reach up to 1 BILLION give or take. It is only a matter of time.

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