Conspiracies Manual (Against, stupid, conspiracies)

Who hasn’t heard of conspiracies about the coronavirus. It was built in a laboratory, the Chinese unleashed it at the Americans, the Americans threw it at the Chinese, it was used as a biological weapon, etc. And how many of us have not heard of conspiracy theories about the governments taking measures to restrict it in order to destroy their citizens, dismantle their own economies, level down their own businesses, etc.

All of these theories have some things in common that we can easily document. And so we will reach our own conspiracy. The conspiracy of stupidity.

1. Conspiracies are unproven: This is a key element of any conspiracy. If it turns out to be proved, then it’s boring. And it’s not worth discussing. This is what conspiracy theorists are looking for anyway: discussion, likes, comments. No, these would not even exist if what they were saying had been proved.

2. The conspiracy uses elements that are valid but outside the proper context. The invocation of data that is valid somewhere but not for the subject we are interested, the report of research that studies something similar but not what we are discussing, the use of analogies between irrelevant things, the selective use of parts of research, the selective projection of the opinion of some scientists but not of the myriad others who claim the opposite, these are just some of the tricks that conspiracy theorists use, willingly or unwillingly.

3. The conspiracy is related to the person who accepts it. How will the likes in Facebook be built? A serious conspiracy is being hatched against those who have “discovered” it, and so they can take on the role of the heroes, the victims, the persecuted. What’s better than one or more martyrs? So in the coronation conspiracy the clever conspiracy theorist has discovered the cunning plan of the world’s elite to “restrict” him and imprison him in his house to drink and eat comfortably. Because, of course, Soros and the Bildenberg Club had nothing else to do but think about limiting John Doe at Texas.

4. Conspiracy theories are popular. Contrary to the opening line of all conspiracy theorists “Warning – Anti-popular post follows”, conspiracies promoted by conspiracy theorists are very popular. If not at everyone, at least definitely in the inner circle of the conspiracy theorist. Because conspiracy theorists are not lonely geniuses fighting for the truth (there are many such geniuses and they are usually recognized after death) but simply spokesmen for the stupidity that is inherent in the collective unconscious. That is why, together with the conspiracy theorist, there are myriads of others who are also very smart and have discovered the conspiracy, in spite of the stupid elites who, although they control the planet, did not make sure that Emmie from Manhattan would grasp their cunning plan. And Jane from Ohio, of course. Because Jennifer from Cincinnati had told her, who had heard it from her best man…

5. The conspiracy is not refutable. No matter what happens, it will never be proven wrong. There are no facts that if they come to light will allow someone to decide whether it is valid or not. So is the coronavirus conspiracy: Conspiracy theorists talk about what would happen if the measures taken were not taken, after they are sure that we will never know in practice what would happen if there were no measures taken (since they were taken after all). And if one refers to what some models said about the deaths we would have without measures, the conspiracy theorists go to the unbeatable No. 2: using the studies and the views that suit them.

Does all of the above mean that there are no conspiracies? Of course not. There have been and there will always be conspiracies. But they are serious and not ridiculous. They are motivated and not set on quicksand. If one analyzes them, one can come to some serious arguments in favor of their existence – always acknowledging the serious possibility that he has made a mistake. And most importantly: these conspiracies are boring and don’t give much likes.


Who killed Kennedy?

Against stupidity: A lost cause [On the irrationality of terror for a ‘nuclear’ war]

Harmonia Philosophica has for a long time fought against stupidity at all levels. The recent cries of terror from scientists regarding the gruesome effects of a nuclear war are yet another example of sheer stupidity which once more needs to be dealt with if we want to keep our sanity within this insane world.

Due to recent tensions between India and Pakistan, two nuclear powers, the Internet was swarmed with grave warnings of how the planet would be destroyed and the climate would be affected to such an extent that the planet would essentially be inhabitable in a matter of years.

Reading from a ScienceAlert article: “For that reason, climate scientists have modelled how an exchange of nuclear weapons between the two countries – what is technically called a limited regional nuclear war – might affect the world. Though the explosions would be local, the ramifications would be global, that research concluded. The ozone layer could be crippled and Earth’s climate may cool for years, triggering crop and fishery losses that would result in what the researchers called a “global nuclear famine” (source)

Now let’s get real and start to dismantle everything this statement of terror tries to tell us: According to the article, a war between two countries possessing about 140-150 nuclear weapons (both) would result in the destruction of the ozone layer and would create global famine. Really?

Or better: REALLY?!?

Harmonia Philosophica has reminded people over and over again of a “small” little fact that the “global thermonuclear war” we are all so anxious of happening has ALREADY happened. Check out the article “Global Thermonuclear War: It has ALREADY happened! (tip: it was called “testing”)”.

In summary: During the Cold War all the superpowers (and the lesser powers) detonated about 2,400 (that is TWO THOUSAND FOUR HUNDRED) nuclear weapons on the surface of the Earth, in the sea, below the surface of the Earth or (that’s even better) on the upper levels of the atmosphere. (so as to make sure that the ozone layer is destroyed).

The result?


Or so we are told… According to the most widespread ‘theory’ the ozone layer which was destroyed about the time those nuclear tests ended was not because of these nuclear tests but because of you (yes, YOU!) who owned a refrigerator with chemicals which were ‘bad for the ozone’. Yes, your refrigerator is more powerful than 2,400 nuclear bombs detonated on the planet… And now we believe that theory because… why would the government lie to us? Right?

I am not a conspiracy lover, but this goes well beyond being a conspiracy. It is more at the borders of ridiculousness.

But even after 2,400 nuclear bombs there was no global famine. No global disaster. (or it there? could the widespread increase of cancer be attributed to this or did the ancient people also died like flies because of that disease? Let’s see what the official medicine has to say about that; yet, that medicine which until recently claimed that smoking is not bad for your health and which now swears that cell phones are OK and affect not your brain)
Science has reached to a point of being a global religion. And religion, in its bad version, always needs terror to impose itself on people. This terror is what we see everyday in the news when ‘scientists’ (as if this attribute alone means anything) warn us about how we are all going to die if we don’t stop using straws while at the same time they accept grants from companies potentially making those straws. And this terror has the same foundations as all other types of terror used in the past to control people: Stupidity.
One must be really stupid to claim that world disaster will strike Earth is India and Pakistan will go to war.

Because as I said above: The nuclear bombs matter not.
It is your refrigerator you must be concerned about…


Is human intelligence rising with every generation? (1) wonders an article…

Voters Prefer Candidates Who Look Healthy Rather Than Intelligent, is the title of another article. (2)

What do you think?

Is it logical to believe that evolution prefers the survival of the more intelligent?
Do you see people with high IQ reproduce in similar rates to people of IQ?
Intelligent people usually see more things than less intelligent people do.
And these things usually make them more reluctant to make children.
On the other hand less intelligent people just… fuck!
It may sound crude and rude, but this is just how it is.

Let the world evolve.
Let the world be stupid.

Then call back an intelligent designer.
To bring things back to order…

Killing giraffes. Playing human.

A giraffe killed because its DNA was similar to the others! (what?!?) (1, 2, 3, 4)

Genetic screening in its most wrong version.

Now you can die because something MIGHT happen in the future! (or maybe cut your breasts, thanks to Angelina Jolie) And the possibility that the giraffe did not reproduce or was hosted by another zoo simply did not qualify as solution for the stupid Danish people (see “Denmark. Maasai. Primitive. Civilized.” @ Blogger Harmonia Philosophica for more) at the zoo…

Stupidity, arrogance, hybris (ὕβρις)…

For a long time we had the power to decide who will live and who will die.
Now we can even decide who will live and who will die based on the most stupid reasons.

Something dark clouds our judgement.
Something dark lies inside our soul.
We believe we are Gods.

But a God is not judged by what he does.
A God is judged by what he does not do…
And we tend to do a lot…

Staying silent.
Empty your mind.
Live and let die.

Stop being a human.
Start being a God.

Greece. Misinformation. ERT.

The Greek PM closed the national TV broadcaster.

Media in Greece talk about “thousands” who protest against this “fascist” decision.

Media abroad reproduce what media in Greece say. [1]

Stupidity and misinformation propagates. Aggressively.

A channel with 4% ratings and with almost zero productions of any logical quality (with one “Third” exception which just verifies the rule – making everyone “suddently” love classical music), a channel where all the political parties used to appoint voters, a channel where people get paid €150,000 just for doing nothing, a channel which said NOTHING about the 2,000,000 people who lost their jobs from the private sector all these years, a channel which is paid by the Greek citizens via a do-what-I-tell-you-or-else-I-will-cut-your-power tax is suddently the culmination of “objectivity”, “freedom” and “democracy”.

Stupidity and misinformation propagates. Aggressively. Masses are mindless. And need to be manipulated. They deserve it.

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