Doing less. Being a human. Not a pigeon.



Pigeons are capable of switching between two tasks as quickly as humans – and even more quickly in certain situations. These are the findings of biopsychologists who had performed the same behavioral experiments to test birds and humans. The authors hypothesize that the cause of the slight multitasking advantage in birds is their higher neuronal density. (1)

Doing less is doing more. More brain means more filtering to the input we receive from the cosmos. And the input is raw and dark. We cannot accept it unfiltered. That is why people innocent enough to witness the cosmos end up crazy at the end. Only children can bear the burden. Because they know they can fly. Even though we teach them that they cannot.

The pigeon is not remarkable because it can perform multitasking.

A modern processor can do the same as well.

The pigeon is remarkable because it makes the children run and laugh…

Feed the pigeon.

Feed yourself.

Now look.

It’s gone!

It’s flying…

Sitting right next to me.

Too good to be true…


The old adage that says ‘If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is’ has finally been put to the test – mathematically. A team of researchers has found that overwhelming evidence without a dissenting opinion can in fact weaken the credibility of a case, or point to a failure of the system. [1]

Do not seek certainty when you seek certainty…

The real meaning of Tao: Everything possible. Illogical. Thus true.


People see patterns and rules everywhere.

But these patterns and rules are elusive. A pattern could be there and you could “see” it, but if you interpret the data in a different way or if you examine the context of your observations, you could “know” that there is no pattern and you could stop “seeing” it.

In the same way, one could say something “mystical” and prove it to be “correct”, in some specific way under very specific circumstances.

In a way, everything goes. Perhaps that is the whole meaning of Tao itself…

If you think about it, Logic is a human construct. The cosmos we experience is a phenomenal world. Reality (if a universal reality exists – because many things imply that every person actually formulates his own reality – see quantum mechanics) is the common denominator of all the phenomena. And the only common denominator is Consciousness. Tao by definition is illogical in its sayings. And perhaps this is what it is trying to do: Guide us to the beginning, to what now seems “illogical”…

Clap with one hand.

You could do it.

Transplants, wisdom, (un)learning…


There’s a better way to deal with rejection. People who have received a donor organ need to take a host of toxic drugs to stop their immune system attacking it. Soon they might just have their immune system rebooted – making it accept the new organ. (1)

Your body shows the way into enlightenment.

Unlearn what you have learn and you will be able to see what now stays hidden.

Start over in order to reach the end…

Preschoolers, graduates, non-thinking.


Preschoolers can outsmart university graduates. (1)

The more you know, the less able you are to learn new things.

The more things you understand, the less able you are to understand new things.

The more you think, the less able you are to think.

Only the empty cup, can be filled…