Blood tests, suicide, the unexplained…



Could a blood test predict whether a person is at risk of committing suicide? For the first time, a set of proteins in the blood have been linked to suicidal behaviour. People who commit suicide appear to share a number of biological traits, regardless of any underlying conditions. This hints that suicidal behaviour may be a distinct disorder. [1]

Oh, how are we afraid of the unknown. How do we despise the unexplained.
We hate seeing people doing things we do not understand. They MUST have a reason to do it! A reason WE can understand!

Put the unknown into the small little boxes of your brain. Destroy it.

Why “antitheseis” exists.


The world is full of things which are in “anti-thesis” (Gr. αντίθεση) with each other. And this results in some antiphasis (Gr. αντιφάσεις) which cannot be resolved and buffle us. But why should antithesis exist in the first place?

The reason is simple: Our senses and our model of thinking is based on them. Without them, we would not be able to understand anything! Because you can only understand something when you compare it with its opposite. Light only has a meaning when you compare it to darknes…

Without antitheseis, the world would be One. As it really is…

Without senses (after death?), the world would be One. As it really is.

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