Look inside, to see the stars…



Ancient rises in sea levels and global warming are partially attributable to cyclical activity below Earth’s surface, researchers from New York University and Ottawa’s Carleton University have concluded in a geological study. [1]

Changes within deep inside related to phenomena seen on the outside.

Too simple to be wrong. And the simple things are the ones we tend to forget. In order to understand the cosmos we need to look deep inside us. Each and everyone of us holds a universe inside him/her. All we have to do is open our eye and look in the right direction.

Look at you if you want to understand the stars…

Why “antitheseis” exists.


The world is full of things which are in “anti-thesis” (Gr. αντίθεση) with each other. And this results in some antiphasis (Gr. αντιφάσεις) which cannot be resolved and buffle us. But why should antithesis exist in the first place?

The reason is simple: Our senses and our model of thinking is based on them. Without them, we would not be able to understand anything! Because you can only understand something when you compare it with its opposite. Light only has a meaning when you compare it to darknes…

Without antitheseis, the world would be One. As it really is…

Without senses (after death?), the world would be One. As it really is.

Knowing is NOT “understanding” !


Shestov said that knowing is not the same at all with “understanding”. When you try to understand something you innevitably destroy it so as to make it fit into your way of thinking, into the little category boxes you have in your mind. Whenever you try to “understand”, you end up with completely waste the initial “thing” you were trying to analyze (unless you are the ultimate God with unlimited access to the unlimited possibilities of reality)… Stop doing that! Just know the world around you. Do not try to understand it!

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