Reading rocks. Being water. Drops of water.

Photo by Spiros Kakos from Pexels

Crystals from the 2010 Eyjafjallajökull eruption have demonstrated a new way to recognize pre-eruption signals at Eyjafjallajökull and potentially other, similar volcanoes around the world. (1)

Reading the story of the planet on rocks.

But don’t be fooled.

The story of our cosmos is not carved on stone.

Our story is written on water.

Ever changing. Ever present. Part of everything. Including everything. Bringing up tides. Bringing down mountains. From the fierce oceans to the calm lakes. From the dark clouds to the morning breeze. Writing history. In the most permanent way possible.

A drop of water disappearing into the ocean.

And at its last moments of existence.

Whispering gently to the world.

I am not just a drop of water falling into an ocean.

Watch me and fear!

For I will extinguish the fire of the world!

Iced water. With no ice. Alchemy. Summer breeze…


Water can remain liquid below zero degrees Celsius. It is called supercooled water and is present in refrigerators. At even smaller temperatures, supercooled water could exist as a cocktail of two distinct liquids. Unfortunately, the presence of ice often prevents us from observing this phenomenon. (1)

Water has got super high surface tension and apparently, if it gets cold enough fast enough, it might have two different kinds of liquid form, with a phase transition (i.e. the threshold between liquid water and supercooled water) somewhere around 228 kelvin (-49° F). But, for now, that’s just a theory. The problem is that it is tough to get enough of this supercooled liquid water together to examine it with any precision. In fact, scientists refer to liquid water below 232 K (-42° F) as a “no-man’s land,” because it’s so hard to get there. (2)

Now physicists had the idea of replicating the tetrahedral shape of water molecules using DNA as a scaffold to create tetrahedral molecules and thus removing the interference of ice formation. The researchers confirmed previously published ideas suggesting that it is the structure of the monomers and their network which makes it theoretically possible to have a dual liquid phase (one with high-density and one with low-density liquid) if the resulting lattice is sufficiently empty to allow for partial interpenetration of molecules and sufficiently flexible to avoid crystallization into ice. (3)

Given the right conditions everything can exceed its current limitations.

However, it can never be “something else”.

Supercooled water is still… water. No matter the state it is in.

Can we change water?

Can we make water something else?

Drink the water.

Transform it into a man.

Can we change the cosmos?

Pure water in it.

Make life.

Make a man.

Talking non-sense in the summer breeze.

Super cooled. Super warm inside…

Science. Miracles.


Walking on water: Researchers unravel science of skipping spheres. [1]

Atheists deny Christ walking on water on the grounds on it being scientifically impossible. But science is not there to tell what is possible and what is not. Science just describes the miracles of the cosmos. Watch the skipping stones “walking” on water. Marvel them. No need to explain them. Just watch. A stone walking on water. An insect walking on water. A man walking on water…

Falling drop. Falling asteroid.


If you’ve ever wondered what an asteroid impact on the Earth would look like in slow motion, have a look at this incredible new video (above) from researchers at the University of Minnesota.

In the video, a raindrop stands in for the asteroid, and a layer of sand stands in for the surface of the Earth. As the drop falls onto the sand, the granular surface deforms into a crater. The researchers say it’s very similar, on a tiny scale, to what happens when a space rock smashes into our planet. (1)

A universe of possibilities.
A universe of scales.

Everything similar in every scale.
Everything different.
Everything the same.

Look closely at a grain of sand.

Discover the universe inside it…

Stupid research. The only good research…


The next CEO of Australia’s leading research agency, the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), is in hot water after suggesting the cash-strapped organization spend scarce research dollars investigating water divining, or dowsing.

“I’ve seen people do this with close to 80% accuracy, and I’ve no idea how they do it,” Larry Marshall told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) in a recent radio interview. “When I see that, as a scientist, it makes me question, ‘Is there instrumentality that we could create that would enable a machine to find that water?’ … I’ve always wondered whether there is something in the electromagnetic field, or gravitational anomaly,” continued Marshall, who takes up his position in January. (1)

It seems stupid.
It may even be stupid.

But all great advances came from people who attempted to do things which seemed stupid. All great breakthroughs in science came from people who proposed “stupid” new theories.

The existing theories and status quo make everything new seem stupid.
Should we judge the future by the standards of the past?

Empty your mind.
Try to be stupid,
so as to be clever…