Environment, ecology, food, poverty, complex, simple…



A leaked climate report shows that food shortages and poverty rise. (1)

Typical stupid research focusing on the symptoms and not on the cause. But what is the cause of these phenomena?

Some postulate a rather “simple” theory: How can the same Earth cater and provide for all of us while we keep on increasing in numbers? Could the equation be so simple? Should we just wait for nature to find its balance? Or should we seek another planet? Or maybe just… don’t throw away so much food as we every day do?

The most gruesome situations are simple in nature… Something our complex western rational cannot comprehend…

Flu, failed vaccines, modern medicine not working…


Some antibodies to flu viruses may actually make patients sicker, a new study of pigs suggests.

The finding, published August 28 in Science Translational Medicine, may point to problems with catchall influenza vaccines. (1)

Todays medicine unilaterally treats symptoms only. But the real disease remains deep inside. Medicine must target humans as a whole and not the individual parts. Our cells, our bodies, the other humans, the universe – everything is One. Disease is a warning – a friend which tells us that something is GENERALLY wrong. Modern western medicine, instead of pushing humans to unite with the One, it makes them draw closer onto themselves so as to “heal”. It treats people like machines until finally it “kills” them. You do not cure ulcer. You fight the cause that creates ulcer. (2)

Feel the world around you.

The meaning of healing is ecclesiastic (unite with others), not atomistic. If we keep on seeing the parts instead of the whole, we will soon realize that we are at a dead end. Parmenides was never before so much apropos.

Evil Sweden strikes back… (or: How to sterilize “inferior” people)


Sweden had (from 1920s to 1970s) the best eugenics program in the world (i.e. compulsory sterilization of metally diseased, inferior and/ or “impure” citizens et cetera). They even “taught” Hitler, who actually asked for a copy of their eugenics law for his Reich…

Even though many other states had similar eugenica programs (including USA, Switzerland, Denmark etc) Sweden surpassed them all in duration and “quality”. But we shouldn’t be surprised. All these should be obvious, given that Sweden is the most “civilized” state in the world, a role model to which all western countries look up to.

Of course things are better now. Crude eugenics have stopped in order to be replaced with more… noble ones. For example people who wish to change their gender in Sweden (who is advertised as “gay friendly”) must get a divorce and be sterilized in order to be allowed to do so (see here).

The Devil always wears the best suit… Go go Sweden!

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PS. And no, this is not the fault of “science”! Unless you believe that the crusades are a fault of religion. But then again, this IS the fault of scientists!


Below you can find a collection of eugenics-related posters or related photos. Not forgetting the past is crucial for our progress as human beings…

Being good means being active. Society went the wrong way because many “decent” people just “did nothing” as some of their fellow humans were suffering. It is not just Hitler who was the bad guy. Sometimes it looks like Hitler was just a patsy for all other “civilized” countries to hide behind…

Open your eyes.

Africa, imitation, disease…


Major pharmaceutical companies are increasingly looking to harness Africa’s opportunity, lured by an emerging middle class across the continent’s growing urban centers. Although the total size of the African market is still small compared to other global regions, analysts say that the continent’s big cities hold the key to unlocking the industry’s lucrative potential as far as drugs are concerned. [1]

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Africa is home to 11% of the world’s population, yet accounts for 24% of the global disease burden. “The pharmaceutical business is growing and it will grow,” says an owner of a pharmaceutical company. “It’s the next big thing in Africa”.

This “disease surge” is mainly due to Africa being driven towards western habits. A whole continent full of beautiful traditions is now on the verge of extinction. Western-type cities are built everywhere and western habits are now part of everyday life.

“We’re seeing a movement of volume towards more products that treat chronic diseases,” says Rickwood, director of Thought Leadership at IMS Health. “As urban populations are becoming wealthier, they’re more likely to have a Western diet, they’re living longer and they’re going to suffer the kind of chronic diseases that Western individuals suffer”.

This is what happens when you are not ready to defend who you are.

When you are not ready to defend your traditions and just want to imitate others instead of being yourself. African nations have lost their identity and they pay the price.