Palmyra: Islamists exposing the total void in western values. [OR: Let it burn. Let it burn…]

Palmyra ruins in Syria
Palmyra ruins in Syria

Palmyra is now in the hands of IS. (1)

Soon, any monument there will be history.

And while islamists kill, rape and destroy down here on the ground, the civilized West will be bombarding them from the air…

The once Christianic Europe, the cradle of civilization, is now just a… void ready to be filled in with islamists. Never before had the lack of values in the “progressive” atheistic/ hypocritically christianic West been so decisively crucial and so symbologically clear. For oil we went for war at the end of the world. For raped girls and destroyed monuments, well… who cares? Right?

And like this, a catastrophological mania consumes me.

The urge to see the Acropolis torn down, the Colloseum destroyed stone by stone, the Hagia Sophia burned to the ground, the Mona Lisa (if this thing can stand in the same sentence with the previously mentioned monuments) re-painted in black, the… whatever important monument England has (besides the stolen Greek statues and the Stonehenge which was built in the 20th century) destroyed…

Who cares after all? Right?

Pass me the popcorn please.

Guinea pigs. (not necessarily rats…)

People in India as guinea pigs. Philanthropy of big pharmaceutical companies and philanthropic institutions with the ultimate goal of espablishing an expensive non-proven vaccine program to a great country. (1, 2)

Business as usual…

Bribing, “bonus”, hypocrisy…

A research shows corruption in developing or under-developed countries. The “leading” countries of the world are not investigated at all. [1]

You see they do not have any corruption. Bribing is called “bonus” there…

PS. Yes, all German companied bribed Greek officials to get projects in Greece and yet Germany is not even included in the research while Greece is on the top corrupted countries in Europe!

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