Drawing with or without lenses and mirrors. Craving for meaning in life. Science as a dead-end.

In a paper published in the Journal of Optics, Mr. O’Neill lays out a theory that Rembrandt set up flat and concave mirrors to project his subjects – including himself – onto surfaces before painting or etching them.

He is not the first to suggest that old master painters used optics for their famous portraits. The theory, known as the Hockney-Falco thesis, generated controversy among scientists and art historians, some of whom took the findings as an implication that old master painters had “cheated” to produce their works.

The new research also drawn criticism. However, its writer says that the goal of the research was to show how the use of optics “makes us look at artists as scientists” and not to discredit Rembrandt.

“People have accused me of being jealous, or trying to discredit Rembrandt, but that’s not at all what I’m trying to do”, he said. “If you gave a projection to someone on the street and told them to make a masterpiece, they would never give you a Rembrandt”. At the same time scientists had just started using lenses to look at things invisibly small through microscopes and at the stars through telescopes, artists were using lenses to study the world around them, he said. (1)

Rembrandt drew masterpieces. Because of some inner need he had. Because this filled his soul with pleasure. People saw those masterpieces. And they liked it. Because they filled some inner need they had. Because these paintings filled their soul with pleasure. Or perhaps (and more… mysteriously) for no reason at all.

And yet.

Did he use mirrors?

Did he use oil?

Did he use lenses?

Typical scientists.

Always wondering for the how.

Leaving the important questions (why) for the big boys (Philosophy)…

Imagine a world where all “scientific questions” are answered. Imagine a world where we know and understand all the “how did that happen”. Look at the mirror.  Now go and drop dead. Out of pure boredom.

Explain THAT science!

Death. [Gladiator philosophy]

Do you fear death?

Do you think about it?

Is it healthy not to think about it?

Is it healthy to “live your life”?

Modern people are full of energy. And they crave “doing things”. This makes them forget their mortality. And yet, only by remembering we are mortals can we be gods again.

Live every minute like it is your last.

And your actions will echo through eternity*.

Because time does not exist but in our minds.

Because things do not exist but in our head.

Only One Is.

And we make this One.

Day by day.

By Being.

* Yes, this is a “Gladiator” line. But again, it is true.

What if you died in the next minute?



Would that make what you do now more important?

Would that make your words more meaningful?

Would that make your love more true?

Would that make your hate more honest?

Would that make your joy more fulfilling?

Would that make your misery more petty?


Always judging things as if they will live for ever. Always thinking of fixing things later. Always thinking of saying sorry tomorrow. Always postponing their happiness until they have more money. Always afraid to do things in case something happens in the future. Always living while they are already dead.

Who would have thought that you have to die, in order not to die…

The world is us. Alive and conscious.

Take the smallest action of kindness. Take the smallest moment of true pain. Take the smallest tear or love. Take the smallest moment of true joy. Ephemeral and yet eternal. This is who we are. Still in time, what we do echoes in eternity. Because time does not exist but in our minds. What we do every passing minute, stays “there”. Literally. Go find a time machine and go “back” to that moment when your child smiled at you. Look at your self. You are smiling and crying full of joy. For ever.

Going away. Coming back… (Society vs. Love)

A little child cries and tries to stop her dad from leaving for work. Dad leaves because he “must”. How many times the “Must” of the many (society) overshadow the “Must” of the few. But what if that few are the most important ones? What if the needs of the many are illusionary ones? What if one day no one went to work because they wanted to stay with their loved ones? What if one day the few realized that they were the… many?

I am back now my little girl.

Love you.

Google lost. Books burned. What is left?

Google drive went down. [1]

Imagine the entire Internet was lost.

Imagine all books were burned. Imagine civilization was destroyed.

Imagine all people were lost but you alone. Imagine you wandering on the Earth alone. Just you. Imagine nothing existed but you.

Now try to understand what is important. Can you see clearer now?

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