WWII, conspiracies, UK and Nazis…



When I was a kid, I was fascinated by World War 2.

And I was even more fascinated by the various mysteries surrounding the great war.

Why did Hitler stop at Dunkirk?

Why did Hess fly to Britain?

Why did Hitler not invade UK?

The truth is most of the times right in front of your eyes. All you have to do is simply stare it in the eyes. If you have the courage to do so.

The truth is that…

Britain has had Nazi lovers in parliament or in high political places for a long time. From Nancy Astor (1) to Oswald Mosley (2) to Edward VIII (3, 4), to many other lords and dukes  (5), the long list of British fascist parties (6) and even current Member of Parliament with Nazi affiliations (7, 8, 9) shows how the ideology of Hitler was not contained to Germany alone as they want us to believe.

The British National Government’s basic line of close collaboration with Nazi Germany was a fact only a few days before the war, despite the rising differences and points of antagonism in a number of spheres of policy. (10) As one can read in the “International Press Correspondence, Volume 15, no 23, 1 June 1935”, after Hitler gave a major speech on foreign policy to the Reichstag on 21 May 1935, Baldwin, speaking officially for the British government, paid a tribute of welcome to the pronouncement and promised ‘the very closest attention in a spirit of sympathy’. The Times found it ‘reasonable and straightforward… the basis of a complete settlement’. The Daily Herald, of course, was foremost in welcoming Hitler’s speech as ‘a good basis… it is now for Great Britain to reply in the same spirit’. The Daily Mail found Hitler’s speech the height of European statesmanship.

Was Hess a lone “mad man” who just decided to go to Britain for… vacation? Could the no. 2 in 3rd Reich’s hierarchy just leave without Hitler knowing about it? Could he go into “enemy” territory without being sure that they will welcome him? Could someone be so STUPID so as to really ask such questions? (11)

The simple truth is that by the beginning of 1941 Hitler, in disregard of the advice of some of his generals, had decided that he could no longer put off his “holy war” against Russia. The attempt to knock out the Western democracies before turning to the East had failed. The alternative was an understanding with Great Britain which would leave Germany free to concentrate everything against Russia-a return, in some measure, to the basis of co-operation set up in Munich (12). Whatever Chamberlain and Daladier may have thought, the Germans had interpreted the Munich deal as a carte blanche for Nazi domination of Eastern Europe. The Allied guarantees to Poland and Rumania thereafter and their declaration of war, were indignantly denounced in Berlin as a democratic double-cross. (13)

And yes, Hess had RAF escort during his flight over Britain. (13)

Even today you can see dictators and Nazi-lovers at royal weddings. Yes, this is not something which has passed away. This is something we live in. They are the same people (Prince Philip) who hope to be reincarnated as a deadly virus” to help solve the population problem. (14) They are the same people who are pro-eugenics and true “ecologists”. (15)

Hitler stopped at Dunkerk so as to leave his British friends a chance.

Hitler sent Hess on a peace mission in agreement with his British friends.

Hitler did not invade UK because you do not invade friends. (and not because it was difficult, Hitler had gone even to Africa or the far end of Atlantic)

Hitler’s ideology had support from many people short before and even during World War II. An annoying truth which many people try to hide today. Could Hitler be just ONE example OUT OF THE MANY in his days? Could his evil not be so unique as some people want us to believe? No one could rise in power in any state in such a “closed” continent and done the things he done (concentration camps in Germany existing well BEFORE the war and everyone knew about it – unless they believe fairies took communists and other “disturbing elements” during the night for a walk in the forest) without the consent of all the great powers of the time.

Prince Harry can have Nazi uniforms (16, 17) but who cares?

Princess Michael’s father, Baron Gunther von Reibnitz, can go into US restaurants and talk against black people making noise next to his table telling them “Go back to the colonies” (18) but who cares?

Royals, dukes, lords, MPs…

The cycle of hypocrisy does not end.

Watching too many Hitler documentaries at Discovery Channel has turned our minds into pulp.

The dirtiest places, have the cleanest carpets…

2012 anti-Hitler rage. How logical is it?


We live in 2012. And when you open your TV or open a news web page, you read a new article against Hitler almost every week. Why Hitler was bad, why Hitler did that, why Hitler did the other et cetera, et cetera… Every day you are bombarded with History Channel’s documentaries or reports of journalists writting something about the German leader who once made the whole planet go at war…

How logical is that, given the times we live in and the current star date?

Yes, we all know by now what Hitler did. BUT how logical is it to hear over and over again attacks against Hitler and special reports on how flawed he was, how utterly evil he was, how how how…

Recently a report from the person who wrote the book “Hitler’s Private Library” described the thousands of books the German leader had in his library [source]. And the report actually mentioned the vast number of books in an ironical way, stating that we should actually laugh at how Hitler was “ignorant” (and, thus, had the need to read so many book) !!! WTF?!? Really? Is that what you’ve got to say after knowing that the man had thousands of books and read every minute he had free? Really?!? How many books hane YOU read you idiot?

Ooops! Some people DID think Hitler was good back then…!!!

Similar attempts include people trying to tell us that he was not actually a vegeterian, that he did smoke secretely in his bathroom, that he did not pass the first laws to protect animals, that he did not pass the first laws against smoking, that he did not help conduct the FIRST research which linked smoking with cancer, that he was not faithfull to his loved one but fucked any woman he found (thanks History Channel for the so much INTERESTING documentaries!), that he did not found Volkswagen and that he did not create the autobahns…

Was Hitler simply wrong not to attack his enemies at Dunkirk, or maybe they weren’t his “enemies” after all?

Oh, and let me not forget my favorite one: Hitler made a “mistake” not to destroy the whole army of England at Dunkirk and not to invade England after that. And of course it was the “heroism” of England which made him not do that. (and in no way the fact that Hitler and all too many British Parliament members considered themselves allies against the communists!) …

Accusing Hitler as evil is one thing (and JUSTIFIED one, let me not be misunderstood). But this mass attempt to nullify his whole existence into something which was “bad” in every aspect is just… wrong and hypocritical!


Let’s all shout loudly once and for all: HITLER WAS EVIL!

There. Did that take care of your problems? Do you now feel better as citizens or as individuals? Have you taken care of your personal need for blaiming someone for everything bad existing in the world? DO you feel relaxed and pleased?

What is the REAL NEED of having someone to blame and point the finger at constantly? What is the REAL NEED of saying accusations over and over again for someone who has died for so long?

Didn’t we had other EVIL people in the past? (yes, Stalin, I am talking about you) Don’t we have other BAD people anymore? Don’t we have other EVIL people killing other people today? Don’t we have other CRUEL leaders leading their peoples into destruction just for personal gain now? Don’t we have LYING leaders leading their countries into unjustified wars as we speak? (yes, USA, I am talking about you…) Don’t we have other genocides which happened besides WWII? (yes, Turkey, I am talking about you) Didn’t we have other EVIL doctors performing atrocious experiments on innocent people? (yes, CIA doctors, I talking about you – see Doctors, Medicine, Horror) Don’t we have anything else to point our finger to?

Let’s face it.

Hitler helps us from seeing reality in front of our eyes…

In a sense, he is the excuse we always wished for…