Day: April 19, 2013

  • Zao Wou-ki – Art of silence

    Art does not need words to convey the deepest meanings… Zao Wou-ki is one of the greatest contemporary artists of China. Lived in France for many years. Died. And he still astonishes with his work. [1]

  • Caucasian community fearing a backlash…

    As the investigation into who was behind the Boston bombings goes on, Muslim communities are braced for a backlash should the perpetrator share their faith (that is, if they have the chance to do so, since in US police is accustommed to shoot possible offenders and save everyone the trouble of this weird thing called […]

  • Kill them quickly guys!

    As I am preparing to write “clever” posts about the Marathon bombings, I trust the Boston police in killing all the suspects soon enough so that there is nothing to write about. [1] Go go go!!!