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  • Human Earth – Too crazy? Or too Logical?

    Human Earth – Too crazy? Or too Logical?

    Humans and Earth look too much alike. They seem to share the same “organs”, they seem to both be “alive” in a sense. How much do we really resemble Earth? Take a look at our blood system. Humans have veins, the Earth has its rivers who also circulate all beneficial ingredients of the soil everywhere […]

  • Harmonia Philosophica (Antithesis Synthesis)

    Harmonia Philosophica Author: Spiros Kakos Harmonia Philosophica Facebook page Religion-Science Philosophy articles series Harmonia Philosophica [English] The limits of science Religion and Science unification – Towards religional science Evolution and Intelligent Design – The way to an agreement The Dark Side of Technology The dictatorship of the science of psychiatry Earth at the Center of […]

  • Harmonia Philosophica (english)

    Harmonia Philosophica (english)

    The world is “ONE” as Parmenides postulated. If so, why do all philosophers disagree in many things? The answer proposed here is simple: that everyone is right! A new philosophical synthesis in which all philosophical ideas come together harmonically in one great reality. Based on the Greek article of Harmonia Philosophica, this is the English version of the article.