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  • White noise. Dark fear.

    White noise. Dark fear.

    White noise is not the same as other noise – and even a quiet environment does not have the same effect as white noise. With a background of continuous white noise, hearing pure sounds becomes even more precise, as researchers have shown. Their findings could be applied to the further development of cochlear implants. (1) […]

  • The front door… Mind the front door…

    The front door… Mind the front door…

    Engineers have developed a navigation method that doesn’t require mapping an area in advance. Instead, their approach enables a robot to use clues in its environment to plan out a route to its destination, which can be described in general semantic terms, such as ‘front door’ or ‘garage,’ rather than as coordinates on a map. […]

  • Learning new words…

    Learning new words…

    Children may learn new words better when they learn them in the context of other words they are just learning – according to research from the University of East Anglia. Eighty two children took part in the study. In two experiments the team taught them some new words for things they couldn’t name – such […]

  • What is Death? (Attempt 4)

    What is Death? (Attempt 4)

    I sit in the café. Thinking about doing thing. Even when I do nothing. I always think of doing things. And the more things I do. The more I need to do as well. Oh, I am tired. Sitting down alone now. Waiting for everything to end. Doing nothing. Oh, now I understand what death […]

  • What is Death? (Attempt 2)

    What is Death? (Attempt 2)

    I was swimming the other day. And when I submerged my head under the water… Right below the blistering sun. I felt it. I heard nothing. I sensed nothing. But me. And while I floated on the water. Everything was clear. Only nothingness exists. And we foolo our selves that things do exist. By interpreting […]