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  • Akinetopsia. Time stopping. Feeling the Cosmos. [Time as a prerequisite for Existence]

    It started as a headache, but soon became much stranger. Simon Baker entered the bathroom to see if a warm shower could ease his pain. “I looked up at the shower head, and it was as if the water droplets had stopped in mid-air”, he says. “They came into hard focus rapidly, over the course […]

  • Black holes. Magnetism. Fields.

    A new study of supermassive black holes at the centers of galaxies has found magnetic fields play an impressive role in the systems’ dynamics. In fact, in dozens of black holes surveyed, the magnetic field strength matched the force produced by the black holes’ powerful gravitational pull. (1) Magnetic fields seem to be everywhere. It […]

  • Light graffiti, senses and the inexistence of “real”.

    After bright lights fade in the dark, our eyes can still see them as streaks, smears, and dots. Engineer Phillip Burgess drew inspiration from this “bug” of human vision to build the NeoPixel Painter: a meter-long strip of multicolor LEDs controlled by a palm-size computer. When swept across a camera’s view during a long exposure, […]

  • The power of words…

    Hearing the name of an object appears to influence whether or not we see it, suggesting that hearing and vision might be even more intertwined than previously thought. [1] See the image above. Do you see anything? What about if I told you to look out for the dogs? Magicians always said words have a […]

  • I hear you… I hear you… YES, I see you!

    “I told my daughter her living room TV was out of sync. Then I noticed the kitchen telly was also dubbed badly. Suddenly I noticed that her voice was out of sync too. It wasn’t the TV, it was me.” PH is the first confirmed case of someone who hears people speak before registering the […]