Harmonia against Dogmatism in Philosophy


The idea of the unity of nature was first postulated by the pre-Socratic thinkers. Parmenides and Heracletus argued that the reality is “ONE” and that is what all people perceive with their different minds and senses. Knols in this collection show that we should be extra carefull when we think we “know” the correct answer, because most of the times there is no “one” correct answer…

Harmonia against Dogmatism

Dogmatism of any kind is a bad thing. In the old days of Aristotle and Plato, people believed in the power of the priests running the Delphi Oracle site. Today people believe in the power of the new “priests” of materialism in science. Fortunately there are also many voices against dogmatism who act as a beacon of truth: we do not have to believe in only one thing dogmatically. Everything must be questioned! Materialism, idealism, monism, dualism etc are all part of the great philosophical systems mankind has invented, but not one of them holds the keys to the ultimate truth (if such thing even exists)…
The Knols (articles) in this collection try to show that only if we think freely (that is, as freely as someone who is grown in a specific environment and era can think) can we get closer to the unity of the truth…

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