In Time, Darwin and Hollywood…

The movie “In Time” has hit the theaters. The film is dealing with a fictious idea of a future society where genetics have made humans immortal with the only catch being that you have to buy your time to immortality. But this is not the main message of the movie. The whole movie is inherently against the idea of Darwin that “the fittest survive”. Every passing moment we are reminded that noone should die for another person to live. Every second we are reminded emphatically that the strong should NOT take advantage (let alone kill) of the weak.

OK. But what does all these have to do with a philosophy portal? Well, I think it is obvious: if a scientific theory (call me “Theory of the Evolution of the Fittest”) is ridiculed by a Hollywood movie, then maybe it is time for the “all-knowing” biologists to go to the drawing boards again! Mutations and the survival of the fittest certainly play a role in evolution. But this is only part of the puzzle. Humans, in order to be called “humans”, do not wish the death of the weak in order for the “best” to survive. It seems that the most important parts of the puzzle are missing somewhere…

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    How true !

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