What primitives knew, What we have forgotten…

Every time we think of us as someone more “evolved” and “better” than our primitive ancestors. We believe that we are improved versions of the people who lived on that planet thousands of years ago, since we “know more”. But we should not forget that “forgetting” is also a function of the brain. And as Levi Strauss said, we also tend to believe that the newer opinions are “better” or “more correct” than the older ones, even if there is no supporting evidence (despite our arrogance) that supports such a general claim.

Ancient Greeks actually thought that the word regresses. They thought that our ancestors years ago were the Golden Genration, that our immediate ancestors the Silver Generation and that they were the Bronze Generation.

In the old days people knew they were something important in the cosmos. They felt “themselves”, they felt what we call consciousness and recognized easily that they were something different from stones and dirt. Today we have analyzed everything all too much and with the help of our mechanistic dogmas we have come to “know” that we are nothing more than “somplicated” stones and dirt. In the olda days people felt that there is more than meets the eye in the world. They felt that there must be a reason for them to “be”. Now we have analyzed everything all too much and with the help of our “randomness-obsession” dogmas we have come to the “logical” conclusion that everything is random. In the old days people felt that “One” which transcends everything. They had time to stay silent, to look at the stars, to reunite with nature and the cosmos. Today we do not have time for such “childish” things, since we are too busy buying things we do not need, playing with Nintendo or writting at WordPress. In the old days people did not know nothing about “time”. Now we almost forget that “time” is a notion created by man for the needs of physics and we tend to believe that what we once knew as artifical to be basic for the universe. People once knew that a thought cannot be the sum of lifeless electrons. Now with our materialistic dogmas we tend to believe that this can actually happen.

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We must try to let go of our arrogance.

We must try to remember what we have forgotten.

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  2. umanbn

    Incredible to think how much has been thought and then forgotten. Every human being starts it all over again. We progress and regress simultaneously every life every generation. Great blog btw. :))

    1. skakos

      Thanks! 🙂

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